Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Looking Good

Okay, this might be taking it a step to far. Great to see the image of Ignatieff enjoying a can of beer in his red hat, but donkey piss?:

h/t Globe and Mail


Shiner said...

Real Canadians drink crap beer.

Agreed though. Seeing this picture next to Clement being grilled on the homepage of the G&M all morning was nice.

Steve V said...

"Real Canadians drink crap beer"

Ain't that the truth. I prefer 50 myself.

bigcitylib said...

Stay away from Blue. Every bottle has a dead rat in it. So they say.

Steve V said...

Actually only 4% found rats in their Blue, according to the last mandatory census. 92% had the "runs" though.

Reid said...

When's Iggy going to change that shirt. It must be funky with the smell of BO, BBQ smoke, stale beef, stale beer, and fear and loathing by now.

Omar said...

50? Labatt 50? Jesus, I remember taking Labatt 50 to parties when we were kids as it would be the very last brand the other party goers would steal from the fridge!
These days I generally buy import beer as since a couple of years ago none of the local Maritime brewers (outside of the micro-breweries) produce 6-packs in bottles any longer. For me it all tastes like donkey piss if it comes in a can. Do they still make Molson Golden?

Steve V said...

Yes, I brought 50 and pink lighters to all bush parties ;)


Only elitists engage in personal hygiene. Sheesh.

RuralSandi said...

Occur to anyone that maybe, just maybe, the beer Iggy's drinking was what was given to him?

About the shirt - he's worn several different shirts, that look almos the same because they all have blue plaid in them - and, Reid - did you never hear about doing laundry? When you are weeks and weeks on the road are you expected to take 30 or 40 different shirts? Reid - are you nuts or don't you do laundry?

Steve V said...

"Occur to anyone that maybe, just maybe, the beer Iggy's drinking was what was given to him?"

It's just good fun, of course it was given to him. Everyone knows Michael is a Laker man.

RuralSandi said...

I know you're having fun and that's just fine with me. But, the Cons don't know how to have a little fun and they'll try to use against Iggy. They don't even have the humour of balls to make fun of Harper.

The Con supporters are to weak and afraid of fun when it comes to Harper. Sad isn't it?

Dylan said...

"It's just good fun, of course it was given to him. Everyone knows Michael is a Laker man."

I disrupted the library by laughing out loud at that.

During Ignatieff's stop at Laurier in the fall he drank a Canadian. That's more than what Harper would drink. The PM orders hot chocolate when he goes to Tim Horton's. (And somehow, people want to sit down with this guy for a beer that he wouldn't drink. I bet if you went out for dinner with him, he'd order a glass of water and some white bread.)

But seriously, if you're buying a beer for value and taste, it's gotta be Blue.

RuralSandi said...

I heard that Harper is a coke-a-holic - hence his weight problems - combine that with hot chocolate - I'd say Harper was a girly man

Tof KW said...

One word that should end this...


Steve you really drink 50?!?! That's old guy beer. I'm pretty sure I'm older than you and I wouldn't even touch the stuff. And to shame, you live in the home town of the Sleeman brewery.

Steve V said...

Actually, I like my Heineken these days.

BTW, I don't live there. North.

Tof KW said...

Pardon me, thought you lived in Guelph.

Heineken is quite nice. I've been experimenting with a number of Czech and Polish beers lately. Life's too short to drink crap beer ...but that statement may make me an elitist.

Steve V said...

You probably like math and scientific reasoning too, elitist ;)

Tof KW said...

Is my bio degree showing? I used to love math too ...until 1st year calculus.

Sadly I must be an elitist. You know, for wanting to use numbers, and read big books and stuff.

JimmE said...

Somebodies other than hypsters & vets buvez les CINQUANTE?
Golly no PBR!?

In the olden dayz before Yanks, Belgians & Japanese owned the IN OUT store I drank Labatts IPA. Nowadays, I like the Mill Street, Steam Whistle, & Big Rock. Ifn I'm going for industrial sudz gotta be Moosehead (old school ALE Please!)

A tip for all Liberal Libationists laying in liquids for luaus there is a beer here in Ontario with the handle
GRITSTONE - very nice very hoppy.

Dame said...

HA HA HA Sandi....

By the way I just LOVE to watch this Liberal Express .

It is a Nice thing we can have fun and laugh!!!

RuralSandi said...

Hey Steve, maybe you should do a favourite beer poll - get an idea what real Canadians like.

I personally hate beer but hubby loves his suds. His favs - Blue and Heineken, but he'll drink whatever is put in front of him if that's all they've got.

ottlib said...

I know how Mr. Ignatieff can win a majority government this Fall.

A few weeks ago he was pictured carrying a couple of boxes of Timbits, presumably towards the bus.

Just imagine how his cred would increase if he was pictured carrying a couble of 24s of Canadian.

The benefit would be three-fold.

It would take the sting out of the "Just Visiting" meme of the Conservatives. Certainly no foreigner would buy Canadian beer.

Voters would see him as an ordinary guy who buys beer for his friends and staff.

I have yet to meet a journalist who did not warm up to you when you gave him free beer. So, the media would suddenly be writing nothing but glowing reports about him.

Make it happen Iggy!!