Thursday, February 09, 2006

Support Carol

I think we should all help Conservative MP Carol Skelton. The problem with parliaments of the past is that Private Members Motions are often ignored. Last year, Carol Skelton presented this largely unnoticed motion:
Private Member's Motion
38th Parliament

M-265 - Mrs. Skelton (Saskatoon—Rosetown—Biggar) — That, in the opinion of the House, any Member of Parliament who wishes to join a governing party between general elections must sit as an independent Member of Parliament for 35 sitting days, upon which a by-election will be held in the Member of Parliament's riding and the electorate will decide if they will re-elect that Member under their new political banner.

Today, Skelton has lost her passion:
"That was last year," Skelton, now the minister of national revenue, said Thursday.

"We talked about it and I decided not to proceed with it. It's one of those matters that is debatable."

I think it important, that we let Carol know that Canadians still support her brave stand. What better way to show that we stand with Carol than to email her at When parliament reconvenes, I hope some noble Liberal or NDP MP re-introduces this fine contribution to our democracy. Clearly, Carol recognized the temptations of power and wanted a firm check on callous opportunism. Carol let me be the first to say, I applaud your ethics and principles. I will do my part to make sure your "little" backbencher, opposition motion is not forgotten. This is not a question of partisanship, the fight is joined.

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