Monday, February 06, 2006

Is Harper Really This Arrogant?

Talk about a short honeymoon. Today is a day that is supposed to be a feel good media lovefest, instead newscasts are treating us to controversy. Images of disgruntled voters who feel betrayed, pundits reacting with shock, discussions of ethics. Today's defection tells us a great deal about this government. To run an entire campaign, actually two, with the cornerstone theme a commitment to integrity and then to pull this move is astounding. I think this development reveals the manufactured propaganda, outright arrogance and duplicity of Stephen Harper.

Month after month, Conservatives reacted with indignity at the culture of entitlement and cynical political opportunism. How can Harper make this cabinet appointment? You don't have to be a brain surgeon to see the hypocrisy, why set this tone out of the gate? The Conservatives don't need this man in their cabinet, and given the questionable appearance, it is a dubious move at best. In one fell swoop all the political goodwill has evaporated and Harper has fallen from his self endorsed pedestal. Harper isn't stupid, so the only excuse I can muster is complete arrogance.

Obviously, appearances aren't a consideration here. Despite the effort to present a balanced cabinet, Harper has left doubt and even bewilderment. This is a bonehead political move because it has no net plus for Harper, no matter how you calculate. This is a move that someone who has governed for far too long makes- oh the irony. Displaying a complete detachment from the standards Canadians demand and betraying your most sacred pledge, that Harper made at every turn. Shameful really, and much too arrogant for a first day PM.


Anonymous said...

Didn't take long for the bloom to come off that rose did it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think this might just be nothing more than revenge for Belinda crossing the floor. "You take one of mine, I take one of yours. Nyah nyah."

Anonymous said...

Stephen Who?

On his very first day as PM, Stephen Harper showed clear signs of following in the footsteps of the bungling Joe Clark, who not only lost his luggage but succeeded in losing his bearings in Parliament as well. Like Joe, Harper seems to have forgotten that his is a minority government, not a majority one, and seems to have assumed – at great risk to his fledgling government – that the Liberals, NDP and Bloc will not oppose him and force another election for 12 to 18 months.

We shall see if that assumption is valid.

If an election is held soon, the Tories will start off with egg on their faces, due to Holier-than-thou Harper’s baffling judgment on Day One.

Why on earth did Harper harpoon his own left foot?

He did it once, with his turncoat-conversion and the Liberal into the cabinet before anyone can see it sleight of hand.

He did it twice, with his appointment of – among others – Stockwell Day to his cabinet, instead of more women, and more women it important posts. Does the other half of the population – women – not count in Stephen Who’s world?

He did it thrice, with his U-turn on an elected senate. Principles dumped for expediency?

He did it fourthly, with his appointment of a former lobbyist – and then breathtakingly wants to legislate against others being allowed to do the same.

He did it fifthly, with his introduction into Canada of the Karl Rovian doublespeak. Thanks to Stephen Who, Canadians can now also spend delightful hours parsing the speeches of politicians, to decipher just how they are being bamboozled.

What a beginning!

I wonder if he will last as long as Joe Who....

Steve V said...


Great points. Up until now, I have argued that this government would last a couple years at a minimum. Voters don't want another election, and the Liberals and Bloc would hesitate for several reasons. However, with this bonehead move out of the gate, I am rethinking the longevity of this government. Harper's actions speak to astounding detachment, especially striking given his platform. Harper has given the opposition ammunition, created doubt with people and killed any media honeymoon. What a colossal miscalculation. How could anyone think these appointments would play well?