Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Harper: Canada's "Back"

Speaking in New York, Harper makes this curious statement:
"Make no mistake, Canada intends to be a player...Canada's back. We're on the best economic footing of any of the G7 countries," said Harper

As an aside, if Harper says "make no mistake" one more time.. well you know. Guess what "we're back". Woohoo! Did I miss the leaving part? I guess the last decade, leading the G8 doesn't count. Lookout world, Canada is a "player". See what a few short months of Conservative rule bring. Movin on up.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Harper has a selective historical memory?

Anonymous said...

Please read an comment on the latest Walrus Magazine centerpiece issue.

knb said...

I'd like to see a transcript of Martin's speech to the same group. I seem to remember he got a pretty good reception as he laid out Canada's economical success.

Harper sounds like a child and I grow more embarrassed each time this man steps on to the world's stage. I'm dreading his speech at the UN.

Oh, and I'm with you on the 'make no mistake' and the 'cut and run' and 'evil people' and...well, I'd be here forever if I went on. Let's just say, I'm sure one day it's going to come out of his mouth with a Texan twang!

Anonymous said...

Harper may think himself personally back in the USA, but he hasn't even proven himself in Canada.
Now he's come out with a ripoff of Senator Larry Campbell, of DaVinci fame.
The four pillars stood for Harm Reduction, Treatment, Prevention and Enforcement. In that order.
Another con ripoff and attempt to twist a workable solution into a slogan used by the cons to mean something completely different.
Harper is a dilletante, a poseur, a puppet, a minion, a talking head... he takes orders from other than the Canadian electorate.
Harper has no intention of helping, aiding or abetting anyone who will not or can not advance his agenda.
Harper has no ethics, he adores glory and the dollar. Harper will side with the most egregious people on the planet and toss aside any qualms from his electorate.
Harper accepted Emerson only because they are two of a kind: opportunists.
Harper cares little or nothing about the miseries or worries of the common Canadian regarding Health Care, Child Care, Veteran Care, Pensioner Care, and vividly displayed most recently, Human Rights (e.g. Arar).
Harper's lust for law and order goes only as far is it is HIS law and HIS order. The deaths of our troops in Afghanistan is but window dressing for his stage, the deaths of youth in school by "lawful" long guns are but a blip on his radar.
Harper's attitude to sick people, especially HIV/AIDS is that they brought it on themselves. Why else would he have Prentice going on and on about compensation for Hep victims for the tainted blood crisis while ignoring all others?
Harper is a minion of forces beyond Canadian governance. Harper answers to people not Canadian, not the voters or taxpayers which he pretends to champion.
The biggest fool of Harper are those who think he is at all religious. Harper is unto himself.
Harper is the biggest menace to Canada since WW2 and Hitler.
Of course he has a selective memory of history. Without it, he wouldn't be able to look at himself in a mirror.
With his selective memory he goes forth to wile other nations to believe he IS Canada.
The world is watching, and will watch Harper's fall from his own grace.

Miles Lunn said...

On the whole his speech was no good, although the one thing I will give him credit for is going after the US passport plan, but off course we Liberals put a lot of pressure on him on that issue. Maybe he also realizes that now it is not about gaining seats in Quebec, but holding the 10 seats they have and sucking up to Bush will certainly help him lose a good chunk of them and any he does manage hold will be due to the local candidate not himself.

Robert said...

Canada's back(!?)

Its a disgusting insinuation that we have been neglecting our international responsibilities prior to the election of the CPC, and that is a lie.

It just keeps getting worse. I only hope the general electorate sees through this stuff, or hears more from people who do.

Scotian said...

Further evidence that Harper has had a very dim view of what Canada has been doing over the past decade or so, including it would appear our work in the Balkans in preventing it from spilling into a wider European conflict. So we are back, I never thought Canada left, indeed we showed just how there we were only three years ago when we stood up to intense pressure from our American neighbour and Harper himself in staying the hell out of that illegal war in Iraq. Since we know that Harper believes Canadian and American foreign policy should mirror each other this is a rather disturbing pattern with him as well as his inability to recognize any good things in Canada that do not flow from his Conservative perspective/ideology.

Yet one more piece of evidence of Harper's contempt for Canada's history prior to his government, even though we went from being one of the largest debtor nations to becoming one of the most sound fiscally by the hated Liberals. Harper's contempt for the values the majority of Canadians hold just keeps shining through with such comments.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Steve must have been nervous. He forgot to thank Messrs. Chretien and Martin for making us the best in the G7.

Harper wants to be a contender, he wants to be big time. A little hard to do with only 32 million people - not all of which pay taxes.

And, we will not be the best in the G7 when he finishes with us especially considering his Finanance Minister. Flaherty couldn't even handle provincial finances never mind a whole country.

We let it go now Steve because you were probably nervous. I know in your heart you are grateful to the Liberals for putting Canada in such good financial standing.