Friday, September 22, 2006

Stupid Kennedy Criticisms

I just finished reading the excellent Globe and Mail piece on Gerard Kennedy. I then perused the online commentary, and I must say I'm sick to death of some of the asinine criticism that constantly enters the discussion. As someone who has graduated from university, I could care less, nor would I judge someone, based on educational pedigree. In this particular instance, I find it maddening that people call Kennedy a university dropout, when in fact he left school to do something practical and noble, namely run a food bank. Based on my experience, a great many academics could use a trip outside the esoteric bubble, to give the theoretical some context. To this day, some of the most clueless people I've ever met lived within the narrow confines of academia. Life experience has many paths, spare me the intellectual elitism that assumes college is a prerequisite for knowledge.

Kennedy decided to apply the "abstract" as he calls it, and I say we should applaud that decision, not belittle the man. I see Kennedy's French as fair game, although I quibble on degree. If you think Kennedy is bland, arrogant or just annoying, fair enough, it's all opinion afterall. However, the next time I hear someone mention education I am going to roll up my diploma, jump through the monitor and slap you silly with my sacred piece of paper (if I can find the darn thing).


cdntarheel said...

I second that !

I don't care much for Gerry said...

Fine. Kennedy is bland, boring, uncharismatic, glib, lacking in depth and not ready to be leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and most definately not ready to be Canada's PM. He would not win an election against Stephen Harper.

How's that for fair criticism?

I'll never vote for him and if he wins I will not work on a Liberal campaign. If he wins I will not rejoin the Liberal Party.

I know that people like him. I don't.

Anonymous said...

Well said. College/University does not equal intelligence. I've met many, many smart people who did not have a post secondary education.

Ray Daze said...

Where's Kennedy going to run in the next election?

I've got to give Bob Rae his props. Word is that he is going to announce Monday that he will seek the Liberal nomination in London North Centre to run in the by-election triggered by Joe Fontana's resignation. Kudos to him.

That's pretty bold given that its a riding that won't have forgotten Rae Days. I suppose this would prove whether he's got the stuff. Bold on his part, for sure.

Aristo said...

It is not whether or not he graduated University but rather why do so many people think he did.

Why does his bio say that he was educated at two universities?

Personally, while Kennedy may be a decent man I do not see myself ever supporting for Prime Minister someone who feels it is neccesary to pad his resume.

Kennedy is the least qualified of ALL the candidates.

Anonymous said...

I don't think a degree is a sign of intellect.

But - a lot of other people do. And a lot of parents want their kids to get one.

So, I admit, that there are many people that would hold this against him.

Also, his french is an embarassment.

Too bad, a few months prep time to get a degree and sharpen his french and he would have been a much better contender.

Steve V said...

"Why does his bio say that he was educated at two universities?"

Could be because he attended two universities. The horror.