Saturday, September 23, 2006

Volpe To Dropout?

Addition by subtraction:
OTTAWA (CP) - Speculation is rife that Joe Volpe will drop out of the Liberal leadership race after his scandal-plagued campaign was rocked by another controversy Saturday.

Volpe is planning to hold a news conference Monday morning in Ottawa, The Canadian Press has learned.

You have to wonder if anyone wants an endorsement from this trainwreck. I suppose Volpe could deliver some support, although that would have to weighed against the optics of the sleaze factor. Whatever, the convention will be the big winner, as centerstage won't include the negative news coverage Volpe was destined to deliver.


Robert McClelland said...

This stinks like a Rovian dirty trick. If I were the Liberals I'd start digging into this bigtime to see if Volpe has been set up by conservative operatives.

Miles Lunn said...

I hope he drops out and doesn't endorse anyone. I hope the party checks other party lists if they can to see there aren't a whole bunch of Conservatives signing up to support Volpe.

RedMapleLeaf said...

I think that every other camp should be worried about their entire list right now. Volpe's going nowhere but the pots and the kettles are about to find out they're all black.

Dead for Volpe said...

The Liberal Dead are proud to announce their support for Joe Volpe.

Judge us not by the colour of our skin or the tempo of our heartbeat. We are loyal Liberals, even in death.

Rise up for Canada!

Steve V said...


Here is another funny one.