Friday, September 29, 2006

Liberal Party To Volpe: Get Lost

Pay up or get lost:
The Liberal party dropped a $20,000 bomb on embattled candidate Joe Volpe on Friday just as party members began electing delegates for the Dec. 2 convention that will choose a new leader.

A party panel ruled that Volpe's campaign team broke the rules by giving membership forms to cultural groups in Quebec without ensuring that new members paid their own fees.

Volpe can either pay the $20,000 fine within 30 days or drop out of the race, the party said in a release.

Volpe immediately issued a statement suggesting he'll do neither.

Volpe is appealing, but these two options are both lose/lose scenarios. Pay the fine, and effectively admit the embarrassment or leave the race in shame. I'm glad the Party has taken such a firm stance, and I think the decision is based on a disturbing pattern, more than just this past scandal. Volpe's presence is the only negative distraction in an otherwise lively leadership race. I have no qualms with the Party trying to squeeze Volpe. Volpe has had his moment in the sun, and his support doesn't justify his continued presence. Clearly, this campaign has become a vanity exercise, at the expense of the Party.

We can all safely conclude that Volpe isn't a viable candidate. This race isn't about his personal agenda but the greater good for the Party. If Joe Volpe gives the Harper government talking points in Question Period, that prevents the Liberals from taking the moral high ground, then I'm all for tossing him, kicking and screaming. Let him play the race card, it just makes Volpe look completely and utterly ridiculous. Kudos for the firm stance, the Party can't afford Volpe on center stage.


Miles Lunn said...

I am glad to see the party has told him to pay up or get out. Hopefully we can get rid of this guy by the leadership convention as his presence only helps Harper more not less. If he cared more about the party than his own self-ego, he would drop out.

Steve V said...

I don't see why we have to sit back and watch a bit player hijack the process. Volpe gets more print than the frontrunners.

Anonymous said...

So will they do the same for Kennedy now since all the questionable forms, memberships and signatures in my riding are from Kennedy's campaign.

Werner Patels said...

And there's anonymous spreading lies. Working for Volpe, eh? Figures, You two deserve each other when it comes to honesty, eh?

This is why I no longer allow anonymous comments or comments containing unsubstantiated allegations about candidates on my blog until at least this Super Weekend is over.

Unfortunately, people like Volpe and his (anonymous) supporters have not learned from the past and are prepared to bring shame to the Liberal Party.

Steve V said...


That crap sounds strangely familiar ;) I wouldn't want to put my real name to that bs either. Go Ken Go!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:19 - you are lying. This is not because I'm a Kennedy supporter (I'm for Ignatieff) but I did watch Steve McKinnon say on Don Newman that there are NO other issues under investigation - ALL others are cleared.

We all have our favourites, but lying about a candidate you don't particularly like is desperate and pathetic.