Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Is Deceit Newsworthy?

Why is it left to the Liberal Party to uncover a blatant "cover up" by the PMO and the Prime Minister himself? I realize that tickling the ivories and ambitious Quebec lieutenants with their own agendas are BIG news in the grand scheme, but methinks a clear presentation that points to purposeful deceit, that goes to the top of the government, might deserve more attention:
A comprehensive examination of government documents in the Suaad Mohamud case shows that Prime Minister Harper knew about the case as early as July 1.

“Mr. Harper and Ministers Cannon and Van Loan were aware of this case and by all accounts asked no questions to get to the bottom of it, said Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae.

I recall quite vividly, the Prime Minister in a August press conference, telling Canadians he just learned of Mohamud's plight. People might also recall, this public admission only came when the issue started to generate "heat" for the government. Everyone knew that the PM's assertion was dubious at best, but now we know for a fact that his office was planning "media lines" at the beginning of July.

There is the issue of how the government handled this case, but beyond that is deliberate attempt to mislead and fabricate. Is it not incumbent on the media to press the government for clarification of who knew what when? How does Harper reconcile his public comments with the now "public" record? Is it not scandalous to have a PM asserting no knowledge, when the facts point to FULL knowledge, to the point of managing the "message"? Is the Mohamud affair yesterday's news, which means the government gets a pass for this shell game? Is the plight of the brown person no longer sexy enough to warrant further attention?


Dan F said...

The mainstream media has fallen flat on their faces again and again. Perfect example of why Canwest is bankrupt.

Let them cover the bullshit, we can always trust you to cover the real story. People are starting to clue in...

MarpMan said...

Judging by the comments left by readers of the online news, people are more convinced that Harper was correct in his actions. What the government did, by their non-handling of this was an attempt to block her their view keeping a non-desireable out of the country. The fact that she was a Canadian citizen means little...she is not the type of citizen that fits their pattern.
The fact that the PMO knew her plight in July is covered by the smear campaign being raged right now.

Scott Tribe said...

I barely take into account the online news comments, Marpman. conservative readers/viewers are well organized into "freeping" newspaper comment sections.

On another note, welcome back to blogging Steve.

MarpMan said...

Maybe so Scott...but that confirms my view that this is what the mainstream Tory supporters want and what they are driving the party towards.
I have deep concerns about the general deterioration in our attitudes about new Canadians and landed immigrants. To me, this is a marked change in what I feel it is to be a Canadian...a tolerant and progressive nation.

Mark Francis said...

Harper only cares to protect the 40 per cent of Canadians from himself he hope will vote for him.

rockfish said...

The media, who seemed to be sheltering Harper and his gang on this issue almost in supporting the CONs' questions on the legitimacy of her plight, should now be concerned where else is the PM misleading them.
Might the promise that they've sold their souls on -- breaking up of the CBC, opening the floodgates for foreign investment etc -- be written in beach on an eve of a full moon?
Great to see you back, by the way.

RuralSandi said...

Harper used the media to bring out negatives (false ones) about the Liberals - the media fell for it. How can you respect them.

I watched Power Play, CTV, last night (no other pol show on at the moment). It made me sick. Graham Richardson said right out that journalists like this kind of story. Tory Corn Cob Boc Tenecki (sp?) played Mr. Innocent and then stated with a smug look on his face that it is hurting the Liberals.

Greg Weston said this hurts the Liberals.

It's a lie - why should it hurt the Liberals?

Harper treats the media like sh*t and then uses them - and they let him get away with it.

Call them up on, and the journalists get all smug and giggly - unbelievable.

Gayle said...

Nice to see you back Steve, not withstanding your snarky comment to me over at BCL's this morning :).

I agree with Sandi. I must say I am a bit surprised the fact the conservatives totally fabricated the cross over story is not making the news. I see the Globe took down its story about Dalla denying the rumours, but why not put in another story about how CPC strategists have taken up lying in order to sow the seeds of discontent. Is that not relevant?

Steve V said...

Cheers :)

ottlib said...

Steve with respect what you are talking about is not important.

I know because the media told me so.

Instead they have told me that statements by some guy named Coderre are important.

They have told me that I do not want an election and if I did I would want a Conservative government.

They have told me that Stephen Harper is a political genius because he covered a Beatles song at an arts gala.

No where do they mention the subject of this post.

C'mon Steve, resistance is futile. :)

Steve V said...

"Steve with respect what you are talking about is not important."

I agree.