Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Liberals File Complaint Over Partisan Advertising

The Liberals have filed a formal complaint to the Ethics Commissioner, regarding the gross misuse of YOUR money for partisan gain:
Liberal Public Works Critic Martha Hall Findlay is filing a complaint with the Ethics Commissioner for abuse of conflict of interest in the Harper government’s $60 million-and counting partisan advertising campaign.

“Since the Harper government came into office, it has been gradually exploiting the mechanisms of government for partisan gain,” said Ms. Hall Findlay. “We believe that the Harper government’s partisan advertising campaign breaches both the Conflict of Interest Act and the Conflict of Interest Code which applies to Members of Parliament – and we’re asking the Ethics Commissioner for a Review.

You can view the document HERE, which provides a very detailed and compelling case to show a consistent pattern of partisanship influence (even includes my little finding of social media links to Harper on the EAP website).

Of all the current issues swirling around this EAP, the one that deserves the most attention in the final analysis, is the idea that this government is using OUR money to benefit itself, not the Canadians it was intended to help. Anyone who does any research will see that this advertising is unprecedented in terms of scope, sheer mass and the blurring of the lines between government and party.

Worse, at a time of economic uncertainty and many challenging issues, the Conservatives seem to have put more energy into promoting themselves than tackling the problems. This whole issue speaks to misplaced priorities and flies in the face of any notion of "good government".

It's time for the MSM to do some detailed comparisons, because any research will show the unprecedented nature and will reveal that the Conservatives are without peer, when it comes to the singular obsession of self promotion at our expense. This isn't about some rogue crooks, this directive comes and was hatched in the PMO itself, this is Harper approved waste of taxpayer money to improve Conservative fortunes. Down to the use of color, language imprinting, a multi level propaganda machine that's sole purpose is to manipulate the electorate. Somebody needs to ask the basic question- what the hell is going on here anyways?


ChrisInKW said...

I noticed this in the New Year, specifically the exact same colour schemes, publicity photos and word marks (e.g. "True north strong and free") being used interchangeably throughout the partisan Con website and GC websites. I'm glad this is finally coming to a head. It's obvious that they've become emboldened as time has gone on. One hopes that such behaviour will be addressed by the appropriate Officers of Parliament.

Steve V said...

"It's obvious that they've become emboldened as time has gone on."

Doesn't seem to be any backlash, so they acted with impunity.

All of Ottawa is abuzz with talk of "blood" on a protester. Maybe if they could focus on the issues behind the superficial, it would be a better country.

JimmE said...

Here is where they got their propaganda ideas:


Big Winnie said...

It's a very good read. Is it any wonder why the CONs are ahead in the polls?

rockfish said...

You're expecting the media to dig into why the media is getting so much money from the CONs?
If the media was based on an moral principle that finding the truth was its true purpose, I'd be hopeful too. Unfortunately, survival, ethical liquidity and prone attraction to power is now the order of the day.