Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ignatieff Speech

Video of Ignatieff's speech on the environment:

For any of the Liberal detractors, don't forget he was out of the country during all those years of inaction ;) Hardly his legacy, and since I didn't vote for them either, hardly my need to defend.


A reader said...

It's not that he'd have to defend the inaction (or you either, for that matter); it's that the inaction raises legitimate questions about how likely any of this new policy is to be implemented, either.

The other item that raises the same question, frankly, which you do have a part of, is answering how being in favour of a cap and trade regime now is pro-environmentalist, whereas last year being in favour of cap-and-trade and against the carbon tax and tax-shift was the most anti-environmentalist policy going, according to all of you.

Plus, there's the small point to be made that your caucus at one time supported Layton's cap-and-trade and climate-change policy bill, then didn't, then did, and have now postponed any vote on it beyond the time that it could have had any influence on Copenhagen.

Don't worry; everyone already knows what your answer will be, but you should know that those are the questions being raised. Basically, the Liberals would rather die than cooperate with the NDP or admit that Jack Layton was right. And everything else be damned.

Jerry Prager said...

Cap and trade seems like a complete farce to me. It's funny, during the election over 140 of Canada's leading economists came out in favour of the carbon tax. The only ones in favour of doing nothing was of course Harper and his band of corporate financed climate change deniers, who now suddenly think they've found the holy grail of "climategate", proof of a conspiracy by science to defraud the public, except, not only does every national Academy of Science on the planet believe their own science, but the corporate bagmen financing the denial, believe it too; this isn't about denial for denials sake, it's about doing nothing while the corporate land banks buy up all the arable land. and all the sources of fresh water on the planet. I'm sorry though, cap and trade seems like just another way to do nothing. As for Obama, he's not only a total dud,on all files, but it's beginning to look like he really must be a Skull and Bones member, because nothing else explains his real politik on everything from Afghanistan to climate change. Just more corporatism all around.

RuralSandi said...

Good grief, a rant about Obama? Sigh.

A reader - the people voted against the carbon tax. Time to move on. It really is.

Steve V said...

"whereas last year being in favour of cap-and-trade and against the carbon tax and tax-shift was the most anti-environmentalist policy going, according to all of you."

Complete crap, but then again it's always been your forte, so... We always favored a cap and trade, and if not for the NDP helping to POISON the atmosphere, a carbon tax might still be saleable. Only a complete idiot would stubbornly hold on that policy now.

I suggest some more "reading", because the NDP stooge routine is so one dimensional it hurts.

Steve V said...

"Cap and trade seems like a complete farce to me. "

I think the trick will be, do they learn anything from the flawed regimes already in place. The devil will be in the details. The funniest part, it will achieve exactly what Alberta was so enraged about. Dirty companies will pay, and clean ones will benefit, which means a transfer of wealth to central Canada.

Frankly Canadian said...

The whole issue of combating global warming and the various attempts to clean up our environment, in my opinion has been far more favourable to the Liberals than certainly the Conservatives. The current environment minister has done little if anything other than be or let the rest of his caucus be obstructive. I am still waiting for the former minister (Mr. Loud Mouth Baird) to release any legislation that would implement his long awaited cap and trade policy. As for Ms. Ambrose, her most recent comment regarding the ongoing strike at CN, well what a absolute disappointment and a clear lack of anything simulating an effort. No, the Conservatives have done nothing but shame each and every Canadian, it is frightfully a shame to be a Canadian at these environment summits. At least the Liberals have constantly put in an commendable effort and have shown an absolute respect for the issue. The mere fact that Liberals across the country would vote someone like Mr. Dion as their leader is an enormous statement in itself. I personally went to listen to Mr. Ignatieff speak about the whole climate issue and how the Green Shift Plan would work, and I know he is a man who cares. I have always been a voter that has placed the environment at the forefront of my concerns, and after listening to Mr. Ignatieff, I will definitely be voting Liberal as the best means to actually see any type of success. I would rather a party that is willing to try and try again, then a party that obstructs and obscures any truths regarding the subject. No, my vote is Liberal!

Steve V said...


I got the same sense from Ignatieff as well, a real genuine quality when he spoke on the environment.