Sunday, November 01, 2009

More "Weird" Coincidence

Which province doesn't have a relatively high percentage of Conservative MP's? Which province were Conservatives conceding was probably "dead" to them, no breakthrough realistic this past spring and summer? Is it any surprise that said province would be getting the stimulus SHAFT:
Quebec a loser in stimulus sweepstakes: CP analysis

Stimulus money earmarked for Quebec is only trickling down to communities in the province, while other provinces are awash in federal funds, an analysis by The Canadian Press shows.

By taking the data that supports that map, the analysis was able to count, locate and evaluate 4,833 projects that have been announced coast-to-coast. Far fewer than 10 per cent of those projects are in Quebec, Canada's second most populous province.

Of the 4,833 projects published on the government's centrepiece map as of Oct. 25, less than 300 are in Quebec. Ontario claims more than 2,500, while Alberta and British Columbia both have more than 300 each.

By my calculation about half of all Ontario projects seem to be in Clement's riding, so this statistically anomaly aside, the rest of the country provides a striking contrast.

Quebec has less projects than Alberta, despite having more than double the population. British Columbia about 60% of Quebec's population. Of note, the Conservatives hold 27 seats in Alberta, 22 seats in British Columbia and 10 in Quebec. Seem a distinct co-relation between representation and CASH. Couple that reality with a very sobering assessment of Quebec prospects by Conservative brass, at the same time money was being doled out, and again it seems more than just coincidence.

It would appear, once again, that money is being directed towards Conservative strongholds and competitive regions. When you keep seeing the same dynamic at play, using different measures, it doesn't just smell like a skunk, it is a skunk.


RuralSandi said...

I wonder how many people in Clement's riding are actually residents all year around. How many are American, for example, who own cottages in Muskoka, etc.

Mark Dowling said...

Quebec gets less than it should eh?

1. That really is news.
2. With the amount Hydro Quebec is lashing out to grab NB Power, I guess the Feds think that QC doesn't need the money?
3. Given the recent scandals in QC, maybe having Canada plastered over projects which may have been dubiously tendered is not the best advertising.

Northern PoV said...

I am a former resident of M-PS, Clement's riding.
The cottagers (ie seasonal residents) come from all over Canada, the USA and beyond to enjoy the world's best lake country. They have some rights to vote in municipal elections but none of them can vote for MPPs or MPs.
You can blame Clement's 17 vote victory on the "locals".