Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pure Silliness

If you have any doubt how the Ottawa media cartel develop tunnel vision when it comes to narratives, the following example is quite informative. Okay, we all know the Liberals and Ignatieff are going through a very rough patch, valid examples plentiful to support the negativism. However, when CBC finds it necessary to have reporters actually COUNT treat or treaters at 24 Sussex and Stornaway, we've entered the realm of the absurd.

Pretty pictures of Harper handing out candy at 24 Sussex, followed by Ignatieff doing likewise at Stornaway. A nice little story, nothing of political value or in need of further analysis. But, NO, after CBC shows the shot of Ignatieff handing out treats, the piece ends with a comment on the traffic stats. Apparently, Ignatieff had less trick or treaters than Harper. I can't independently verify this fact, but that's what CBC told me, so it must be newsworthy.

On the practical front, isn't it stunning that more people would visit the PM's residence than the Leader of the Opposition? Common sense, please. Besides some simple realities, why anyone would actually compare and contrast escapes me. Hats off to the journalistic mind that was so desperate to pile on this obsessive narrative that they actually tried to make Halloween indicative of the polls and the leaders popularity. It's to bad us Liberals didn't have Halloween in May of this year, Ignatieff was HOT man, he would have kicked Harper's butt. "Zsuzsanna, we need more rocket candy!" Oh well.

I say, let's take this narrative a step further. Somebody should go back and do a detailed analysis of past Halloween attendance at Stornaway. Wouldn't it be something if Dion had more kids, during his darkest hours? THEN, you could really make the case that the Liberals are in trouble, based on this important indicator.

A nation waits....


CuzBen said...

Did CBC's journalistic integrity get put in the moving van with the chairs from The National set?

It's so disappointing that our public media has followed the private media and the political backrooms towards a public relations strategy that is utterly JUVENILE.

Oh well. At least we still have Steve Paikin. And Barbara Budd.

Oh right, and F&W ;)

Steve V said...

And, then on the other hand, they'll lament the lack of substance on Parliament Hill. It's there, but nobody pays attention, which is why everyone chases scandals.

The funniest recent event, all this clamoring for policy from the Liberals. Ignatieff lays out a clean energy framework. Now, you would think that everybody would be digesting the merits, ramifications, etc. Nope, it's a two paragraph story for half a day, then it's ignored. Why bother...

ottlib said...

Why bother indeed.

Could it be that all of this clamouring for policy is not genuine and it is just being used to advance a negtative media narrative towards the Liberals?

I am not being too cynical when it comes to our MSM am I?

I have been saying it for awhile. Liberals should ignore any advice the media gives them on spec. The media is currently hostile towards the Liberals so you will not be able to satisfy them no matter what you do and some of their advice might actually harm the interests of the Liberals.

If the Liberals have not figured that out yet they really are in deep trouble.

Steve V said...

"I am not being too cynical when it comes to our MSM am I?"

What amazes me, this constant talk about how Canadians are cynical about their politicians. Seems to me, that while this is true, the media doesn't score high with the public either, just above ambulance chasers on the favorable scale. Time for some navel gazing methinks, because it's now to the point where they criticize their own creation. The reason why nobody wants to stick their neck out on anything is because you'll kill them, EVERYTIME :)

Lizt. said...

Apps sort of put the media in it's place on CTV.'s "Politics"

jad said...

Grow a tougher skin, guys. Can't you think of one reason why this might be true. Just. One. Reason.

How about, the Harpers have two school-age children, the Ignatieffs have none.

No, it's just easier to say the media is biased.

CuzBen said...

It's not a question of true or not, Jad. It's a matter of making false connections and creating news where there isn't any. "Trick or Treaters" have nothing to do with the public mood, therefore this isn't worth reporting on. It's crap journalism that is dumbing-down the level of political discourse nationwide.

If you can explain how the "candy count" is newsworthy or indicative of any larger issue, please do.

Steve V said...


I'm embarrassed for you.

Omar said...

Who the hell is able to just waltz up to the front door of 24 Sussex and trick or treat anyway? Was this entire exercise staged? Surely these particular kids had to have undergone some sort of security clearance. Maybe the kids knocking on a Rockcliff door, while smaller in number, were more authentic in nature.

rockfish said...

Just the possibility that I might score a giant novelty cheque with the so-called leader's autograph would make me chance it past the electric gates, through the gauntlet of secret service, er RCMP coffee holders, past the sufficiently starved dobermans and the lawn of stand-up Stephen ornaments... But i sure wouldn't try any candy he'd handed it. Likely spiked with bitter salts.

RuralSandi said...

jad - I would think and hope that Harper's son - who's now a tweenie would be over this stuff by now.

Harper in a suit jacket - how daddy-like.