Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Glitch Games" A Fabrication

Considering all the supposed negative press sweeping the globe, it would appear the international citzenry quite like the Vancouver Olympics. Angus Reid polled Canadians, Americans and Brits, on the question of whether these games have been rule well or not. Somewhat surprising, virtually no sentiment that reflects the glitch games controversy:
82% of Canadians, 64% of Britons and 62% of Americans say the Vancouver Winter Olympics have been run “well” or “very well”

As for the percentage that think the games have been run poorly, only 12% of Americans concur, 8% of Britons and 15% of Canadians. Not surprisingly, the "don't know" contingent was higher for the British and American sample, whereas Canadians expressed a view one way or another.

This sort of finding shows the distorted view presented, when media outlets scour the globe looking for any dissent, then spend a disporportionate amount of time highlight said negativity. What else is new?


Tomm said...


The media's nasty edge grabbed onto the sordid little stories that began the Olympics.

We all know what they are now:

-the death of the Georgian was Canada's fault,
-the Own the Podium program was pretentious and ultimately "deadly",
-the opening ceremonies didn't touch the Beijing Olympics therefore the entire games can be discounted,
-not enough French is a slap to Quebec, and then
-the finger pointing at our poor performances on those days they occurred.

That some media outlets wished to publicize these things aren't the problem. THAT Canadian media outlets were willing to to join in the self-flagellation is telling.

Canadian athletes are doing extremely well. Canada has a very real possibility of winning the most gold medals.

It has been terrific for our country.

Dame said...

I was a little cool as None of these winter sports were in my scope of Interest I Knew very little about all. and yes the Costs worried me..

From The First day the Opening ceremonies carried me in High Gear and I am greatly inspired with everything I've seen.
I absolutely Loved how the "cool Canadians " spontaneously fused and flamed through showing support and true happiness in every moment.

The nasty comments Of some International papers were right at the start proving It was preconceived Ideas based on some old putdown lines.. bias. And where are they now????

Well Canada is shining Now never before.
Wow ..

Annie... said...

So Glad that Martin and team won the gold in Curling.

Lept said...

just wish they could understand the importance of bilingualism in the silly ceremonies 9opening and closing).