Thursday, February 04, 2010

Liberals Agree To Attack Government For Two More Weeks

After a sleepless night of hand wringing, the Liberals have reacted to the Conservatives latest "trap":
Judging from this statement from Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale, his party's response to the government's modest proposal to cancel the March and April break weeks would seem to be a slightly less cheerleader-chick-flick-reminiscent variation of Bring It On:

"This is truly a sad and pathetic scramble by the Conservatives to save face after the backlash against them for shutting down Parliament. Their demand for more time in the House now directly contradicts their argument for prorogation. Liberals are here in Ottawa, today - just as we have been every day since January 25th - doing what Canadians elected us to do. It's the Conservatives who have been taking an extended holiday. Liberals will always be ready to work, including in March and April. The flip flop by the Conservatives will not camouflage their illegitimate padlocking of parliament since December."

Try to get some rest OLO staffers. Phew.


Dana said...

I'm kind of hoping that we'll get to see Harper's volcanic temper on public display soon. Maybe he'll have a meltdown in Vancouver when he gets boooed at an Olympic event.

Whichever Conservative lackey gets tagged to do the opening of the Canada Pavilion out here - the day after the opening no less - is going to get booed big time. The thing is a humiliating huge white plastic bag on a frame. From Chicago. For $10 million.

I think he's coloring his hair. Making it more grey to parallel Obama. He's definitely getting sleep deprived. Look at those eye pouches.

Is there a Conservative brain trust? Is there a Conservative brain might be a better question but if there is a brain trust you reckon they've got the stones to call him up and say what the fuck are you doing?

Me, I think, Harper's it. No brain and no trust.

RuralSandi said...

Dana, how do you know Harper will get booed big time?

Speaking of the "Canadian" Olympics, how Canadian is it really.

Architects, etc from the US, the planner for the opening Australian, the clothing made in China and our PM and US wannabe

Steve V said...

Harper has looked quite tired of late. I suspect some booing as well.

Dana said...

Sandi, all the architecture is from Canadian architects. The Richmond Oval is a thing of rare and exquisite beauty by the way.

The white baggie isn't architectural. It's an off the shelf piece of crap.

I think he'll get booed because of demographics. The people who can afford to attend are the demographic the most recent polls have identified as turning against him. A lot of his base can't afford to attend. The elements of his base that can afford to attend are workaholic lawyers and such and for the most part won't be there. Case in point - none of the big downtown law firms here have agreed to any changes in they way they function. VANOC has asked everyone who works downtown to try things like carpooling, work from home, use public transit etc etc to reduce traffic by a 30%. Most downtown businesses have agreed to various things. But none of the big law firms and none of the big financial firms. They're just not interested. And that's where most of Harper's affluent base would be. They're working-they're not taking time off to lollygag.

Ted Betts said...

Just realized how very petty Harper's move is.

Not only does cancelling the Easter break put the lie to their claim that prorogation was routine and they were not missing out on any work, but it just happens to be the week the Liberals are holding their ideas conference "Canada at 150: Rising to the Challenge".

Steve V said...

Considering it's end of week, weekend event, shouldn't distract. Nobody follows Parliament on a Friday anyways, so we should be able to draw attention regardless.

JimBobby said...

h/t to Tweep @adamgoldenberg on this one...

Will HoC sitting extra time cause more market instability? Didn't PMSH tell Mansbridge that the markets react negatively when HoC is in session?

Steve V said...

You think it's just a coincidence that the markets are down big time today, with Harper's announcement?

Steve V said...

As an aside, you have to love another clever move- Harper showing up at the BC legislature while he's shut down his own. Good thinking.

Jerry Prager said...

There will be a welcoming committee of BC CAPP protesters and friends and associates there to greet him at the BC legislature.

The trap, was like shit on a path, only an idiot would have had trouble stepping around it, con pundits extolling Harper's genius notwithstanding.

I think the Libs finally have traction.

rockfish said...

I see some people hinting that this is a big CON trap for the opposition -- maybe they all cancel their holidays and he prorogues again? No doubt he's wondering which poison pill to throw over or to stuff down Del Maestro's throat. Oh there'll be some booing. I also heard a rumor that the CONs are working feverishly to ensure that their supporters do have access to any event harper's at -- which will score him another raspberry once its known who'd be picking up the tab... Don't discount the idea that Harper quits after the olympics, eager to leave his resume 'spotless' of real accomplishments and electoral blemishes (other than not being able to beat a thrashed Dion despite all the media friendly help an overlord could demand...)