Monday, August 30, 2010

Bad Ideas

Layton's bizarre presser today (could have done without the juvenile subtitles in this video), which actually brought the gallery to laughter:

I'm not sure why the NDP brain trust put Layton out today. I'd put this decision in the "medium gaffe" binder. Layton parroted the usual hollow lines, offered reforms which the Liberals adopted months ago, and basically did jack(pun intended) to help the NDP position.

This post sums it all up very nicely.



Gallahad said...

I just can't wait to hear what DL, has to say about all this.

Jack Layton, admits that he can't get his caucus to follow him.

Jack Layton, admits that the LGR, saves lives but it will be his party that is responsible for killing it.

Jack Layton wants to compromise and propose changes to the LGR, the very same changes Michael Ignatieff, proposed months ago.

How do you reform the LGR, after you kill the LGR, perhaps DL, can answer that on behalf of Jack Layton.

Jack Layton, is true to form when his actions have consequences, and the onus is on him, he folds.

Jack Layton can add the killing of the LGR, to all his other impressive accomplishments.

Layton is also responsible for the Kelowna accord being killed, along with the early childhood, and childcare program.

I guess Thomas Mulcair, is going to run around Outremont, trying to con voters there into believing that he had nothing to do with the LGR, being killed if it is killed. Problem is, he belongs to the party that helped to kill it.

Ecole Polytechnique, is in Outremont, and Mulcair, has to battle Martin Cauchon, and I am sure Cauchon, will not let Mulcair weasel out of the fact that it is the NDP, who killed the LGR.

It is also a crock to say that this is a private members bill, when it is not.

This is government policy, and Layton, knows it.

Harper, just didn't have the courage to introduce this himself, he prefers to hide behind Candace Hoeppner's skirt, much like he did when he hid behind Michaelle Jean's when he sought prorogation to avoid defeat on a non confidence motion.

So come on DL, hit me with your bullshit on this.

Jack Layton, and the NDP WILL be held responsible, and DL you can take that to the bank.

DL, you are always saying how Layon votes against Harper.


I would be surprised if after today's spectacle that you would even have the nerve to show your face here.

Calgary Junkie said...

Jack was just about as incoherent and illogical as I've ever seen him.

He knows the makeup of his caucus, and so should have foreseen this predicament long ago. He had a half-assed, narrative, and so should have just stick to it:

"Our Party has a tradition of letting it's MPs vote their conscience on private members bills. Harper should have made this a government bill, but he decided to play politics, blah blah"

Just leave it at that. Instead, he floats this ridiculous proposal, which everybody knows has zero chance of succeeding. I mean come on ... Is Harper even going to sit down with Jack, never mind agree to his compromise ??? Harper has been campaigning against the LGR since day one !

Jack's proposal is totally absurd, and every reporter at the press conference knows that.

The question now is, how do you guys take maximum advantage of Jack's goof ? You pretty well have to have all your MPs show up and vote against Candice's bill, or you will take some sting out of future attacks against the likes of Mulcair.