Saturday, August 07, 2010


You may have noticed that the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers are in the midst of a heavy advertising blitz, in an effort to improve the image of the tar/oil sands. Fair enough, each side of the environmental debate should have a voice, the more information available, the better. A word of advice for CAPP, particularly as it applies to this ad, in heavy rotation on the networks:

I love the "oh there's two squirrels", "sorry to interupt". CAPP, how about treating us like adults? Squirrels? Pretty much the most adaptable creature in Canada, they'd nest inside the Pickering reactor if you let them. Not exactly a resounding commentary on a region reborn.

What bothers me about these commercials, the BLURRY background, the tight angles, the whole obvious manipulation to make MORE of less. IF, the situation is as argued, then CAPP shouldn't need these type of crafty cinematic tricks and the CHEESY squirrel spontaneity (we never did see them did we?) See, where I come from, when you're trying to trick me, or sell me in such amateurish fashion, it makes me EVEN MORE suspicious, you've lost the attempt.

I'm curious as well, if the area is now as pristine and reclaimed as argued, what the hell are doing with the hard hat? Nothing says raw nature and kicking back in a safe environment like attire akin to entering the earthquake impact zone. Great visual guys, who's your production company?

Maybe the squirrels are aggressive?


Holly Stick said...

Did he say something like "...three decades ago it was all about trees. Now we've gone from 4 or 5 types of trees [but?] also adding different types of shrubs and other types of plants..."

What types of trees? What plants exactly? Weeds? They've gone from what, a forest ecosystem, to what?

Too right it's fuzzy and vague.

Holly Stick said...

I also like the "Steve Gaudet, BSc." I have a BSc in Biology, but that alone would not prepare me to be Syncrude's environmental affairs manager.

Debra Yedlin says he worked as a geologist, so we could assume that is what his BSc is in.

Kim said...

Interesting too, how they used the same acronym as Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament! With that maple leaf design. Bastards.

James Bow said...

"Maybe squirrels are aggressive?"

Yes. They are. See here.


Steve V said...


JimBobby said...

Whooee! Don't get me started on them bushy-tailed rats. Dang squirrels'll invade yer shack if you ain't careful. An' once the bastards is in the dinin' room, all hell breaks loose. Believe me. I got first hand experience with them nut-nibblin' rodents comin' through the walls. Varmints!

Steve V said...

We had one chew right through our window screen and help himself to the bread box near the sill.