Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Enough of Volpe

Another Joe Volpe story today. This time Volpe fights back against Harper's hypocrisy, but ultimately he just reminds us of his own problems. Volpe is often referred to as a "good Liberal". This fact may partially explains why he will have decent support at the convention, despite the horrible optics of his candidacy. Volpe intends to remain in the race, which guarantees negative coverage everytime we see his face up until, and including, the convention. Whenever a camera or pencil happens upon Volpe, the image will be prefaced with the standard ethical lines and that stench will overshadow an otherwise positive storyline. For a party desperate to cleanse its image, Volpe is an albatross they can't afford.

If Volpe is a "good Liberal", then he should figure out a way to bow out gracefully, come up with some excuse about funding, or realistic chances- whatever, just get out. Volpe can't win- if he has any influence at the convention whatsoever it will ruin the "renewal" theme. Volpe's vanity campaign, coupled with his negative rhetoric, should make any supporter re-think their logic. Please cite one benefit to supporting Joe Volpe at this stage, other than spite or stubbornness? The guy is objectively a disaster, that is easily avoided if he just chooses to go away. I have heard that many have asked Volpe to step aside, to which he has refused, but clearly some more arm-twisting is needed. The one thing about Harper, he knows how to manage, marginalize and even hide his perceived liabilities. If the Liberal Party really wants to move forward, the first step is quietly getting Volpe off the political radar and out to pasture.

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