Friday, June 23, 2006

Joining The Liberals

Today, I joined the Liberal Party of Canada. I have always been fiercely independent, so it is actually quite strange to formally fall under a political banner. I would still describe myself as "loosely" affiliated, because my signature doesn't deny crticism, nor does it necessitate the partisan goosestep.

Primarily, my main motivation for joining the party is too directly participate in the leadership process. I like what I see in some of the candidates, and there does seem to be a genuine desire to move the party forward. In addition, I look forward to heckling Joe Volpe relentlessly in Montreal:) While I haven't decided on who I will ultimately support, I have narrowed it down to one of either Rae, Kennedy or Dion. According to the riding rep, we don't actually vote until the fall so there isn't any hurry in deciding.

As I read the rules for "The Blogging Alliance of Non-Partisan Canadians", I can still remain part of this group, so long as I am not affiliated with another online partisan community. I still haven't decided whether or not to join Liblogs, although my sitemeter is on record as being supportive ;) Anyways, a couple of times people have linked to my posts and referred to me as a Liberal, so I guess philosophically my joining isn't much of a stretch. However, I think I can still write about the NDP in a positive light where warranted, because alot of their policies are light-years ahead of the Liberal Party(i.e. the environment). Ultimately, all it takes is a pair of scissors and I'm independent again, but at this moment it feels right.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club! I was also with the NDP until recently, and decided to jump ship when Jack started sucking up to our neo-con PM. I'm undecided at the moment, but heavily leaning towards Kennedy. His experience in the trenches fighting poverty in the food banks and his cute, softspoken charm (met him once) leads me to believe that he would be the most compassionate, down-to-earth guy we could get, and he would really connect with voters in a way we haven't seen in a long time.

Iggy is a neo-con in disguise, and although Rae is also a former dipper, he seems too full of himself to be in touch with the masses (and Ontario will never forgive him for Rae-days, so making him leader would just about guarantee a majority for Bush Lite.

joe volpe said...

Care to make a donation?

Anonymous said...

I'll be curious to see which leadership candidate you choose. I personally think you have identified the best 3 so now it's just narrowing down the field.

You'll be getting a lot of input I'm sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Former NDPer here who also just took out a Liberal membership. No longer interested in my former party, especially recently and because Jack sucks big.

robedger said...


I'd love to get you in touch with Stephane Dion, either in person or over the phone. Send me an e mail if you're interested:


Rob Edger
Stephane Dion Blog Campaign Co-chair

Lept said...

Oh god, anyone except Dion!
(The second most hated politician in Qu├ębec?)
... the rat who helped bring us the clarity act and who is so ideologically driven that he is incapable of understanding his own province.
A digression: it was most enjoyable watching the crowds on the Plains of Abraham booing Harper last night (not in person unfortunately).

Steve V said...


I saw a clip of a man with a Bonhomme candle, and it was melting to mirror global warming.

I hear you on Dion there for sure.

burlivespipe said...

Welcome aboard! I'm one of those BC birds who vote NdP provincially but have over the years gravitated Liberal for a number of reasons. Not even the conduct of the past few years (which are actually the backwash from a decade-old major mistake) has made me waiver, but i am glad to hear what a handful of new leaders want for this party. I agree with your top three, and have signed on with the Rae team because of the experience, ideals and ability to compete man-o-a-mano with the dirty fightin' decider in short pants Harpor. Get in on the ground floor and help form our policy direction -- press on the environment and education, while taking pride in some very astute economic responses and R&D policies.

Steve V said...


"Get in on the ground floor and help form our policy direction -- press on the environment"

Yes, maybe it better to try and push from the inside, rather than simply bitching from afar :)

Jason Townsend said...

Welcome to the party, Steve. The substantive contribution new members can make to the leadership and renewal processes are welcome.

Sinestra said...

Might I suggest giving Ken Dryden a closer look? You can send any questions to outreach @ and they will be answered.