Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Who Cares?

It was somewhat ironic that MP's found it necessary to address "a lack of decorum" with an embarrassing display that turned parliament into a schoolyard. With a myriad of important issues before the country, our representatives decided it more important to debate the merits of gestures, while simulateneously hurling their own racial invective. I don't dismiss the fact that the Conservative MP's in question acted in a poor manner, but that point is now lost as parliament descended into name calling and posturing, leaving an overall impression of complete disgust.

I haven't seen Bill Graham this fired up since he was accused of leaking sensitive information. Surely Bill can muster up some of that energy to berate the government on issues that actually matter to Canadians. As a political junkie, I generally eat up anything political, but I actually turned off the political shows today because I couldn't comprehend how this story deserved the lead, other than to show how ridiculous the House had become. Newsflash, if you want to see the "italian salute" drive down the 401, or Robson Street at rushhour. Canadians aren't impressed by the MP's actions, but just as sure they aren't as "appalled" as the opposition suggests.

The MP's looked as though they lived in some parallel universe, with no comprehension of what happens in the real world. Canadians have watched parliamentarians hurl insults, clamor, hiss and act boorish for an eternity- the latest "controversy" simply more of the same. Somewhere John Crosbie is laughing at the over the top indiginations. Much theatre, little substance and low-brow partisanship on full display. I hate to break it to MP's, but Canadians long ago abandoned the idea that parliament was a place of decorum and honor, that operated on a higher plane than everyday life. Who cares? Get on with it.

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