Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thud, Crash, Boom

One quote describes how completely embarrassing, the Conservative dog and pony show on full display in Nairobi:

“I have spent a lot of my time doing damage control on the ground,” said Ambrose in an interview late Thursday at the annual United Nations climate change conference.

Step back, and think about this admission from Ambrose. It is just ridiculous, the whole mess. My dog ate my homework, no really. Pull the plug, and bring her home, because damage is all we are doing.


knb said...

Ambrose say's to France, "you should keep your nose out of our Domestic politics"...but presents our politics, to the International community. Huh?

France's comments related to the fact that this is a, hello?! Global issue. Canada stands in this forum, disses the previous gov't and presents no new thought.

Dion, like him for leader or not, built credibility and worked hard to create a plan, one that the rest of the world thought was reasonable and credible. He succeeded and Ambrose attempted to cut him off at the knees.

It's not about Dion though, it's about Canada and I could not be more embarassed.

All of you conservative proponents of this, give your heads a shake. You may agree with "made in canada", but what this Minister has done to our reputation is horrible.

The Int'l AIDS community already sees us in a very bad light, now this.

Harper would be a good mayor of Calgary perhaps, not a Prime Minister of a country and certainly not on the International stage. Silly man, he thought Canadians would buy the "smog" thing...he forgot it's a big world out there.

Steve V said...

"Ambrose say's to France, "you should keep your nose out of our Domestic politics"...but presents our politics, to the International community. Huh?"

Consistently confusing.

burlivespipe said...

Let's not let Harpor off the hook here re. Canada's deeds and reputation on the international stage... He has generally been given a thumbs' up for giving China a forearm that induced China's leaders to turn their back... But I am not so eager to buy his 'standing up for human rights' claim, as Harpor is a pure political animal who looks for easy points, hangs around the blueline and is that creature we in pond hockey call a goal suck.
Where was his rebuke to Israel after they started lofting bombs almost indiscriminately into Lebanan -- even after a Canadian family was killed in the rubble? He infact said it was 'measured' despite the later evidence that Israel was using illegal phosphorus weaponry that isn't able to detect an innocent family from a Hezbollah gunner. Where is Harpor's stand on human rights regarding Guantanamo Bay, or the US intervention in Venezuelan politics, or the illegal and antiquated blockade of Cuba?
I am not putting a financial price tag on his pissing off China -- i agree with the concept of taxing income trusts, too but agree wholeheartedly that it was done mischieviously and discriminately to cause harm. Ambrose's umbrage on the international stage was only for Canadian consumption but shows another not-so mysterious amateur hour element to the Harpor Cons; remember lil' Peter gushing over Condi? This group is so juvenile and petty they shouldn't be allowed to play with blocks, never mind with the keys to a country. We must come out of the convention united to put these amateurs in the corner they belong!

Steve V said...


I think you raise an excellent point about the spotty moral outrage on human rights. The China fiasco says more about the Harper gangs diplomatic failings, more than it does our championing the good.