Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ambrose Out?

The Toronto Star has an article, detailing the rise of environmental issues. One sentence, buried in the text and unsubstantiated, is quite interesting:
But the party might pull off a surprise with some tough action. Environment Minister Rona Ambrose has certainly been talking as if that's possible. Rumours suggest Harper might even shuffle her out of the job to signal a new course.

Minister in charge of Rubber Bands and Lint?


Procrastinatrix said...

Good one.

Miles Lunn said...

I've actually heard Rona Ambrose initially on the environment had a stronger plan until reigned in by Stephen Harper. David Suzuki said his first meeting with her was positive and sounded hopeful, but that all changed when Harper told her what to do. The reality is cabinet ministers is just puppets who do whatever Harper likes.

Steve V said...


Any link on Suzuki's comments? Pretty interesting for him to say that.

gpc said...

Yeah, if she's cut, it'll be more symbolic than anything really related to her actual views on the environment. From what I've seen of her in the media, she seems to have a better than average grasp of things like climate change, which makes it seem like she probably doesn't really believe in the policies she's advocating, she's just doing what she's told. She doesn't seem passionate about the policies, more stiff and determined, like a well-trained soldier. But how can you really know unless you've talked to her outside the politics, before she gained her current position?