Saturday, December 02, 2006

Proud Of Kennedy

To all the naysayers who questioned Kennedy's motivations on the "nation" question, this decision to support Dion should say loud and clear- THE MAN OPERATES ON PRINCIPLE FIRST. What a risk for Kennedy to back the third-place candidate, especially whenever everyone else has moved to Rae. There is no guarantee that Kennedy can deliver the convention for Dion, in fact the odds are still high. Gerard Kennedy went with his convictions, sacrificed himself and took a political chance in not going with the tide.

Kennedy ran a great campaign and inspired many. Kennedy took no jabs, in fact he sought to distance himself from negative politics. Honorable, principled and heroic to the end, Gerard Kennedy represents everything this Party should stand for. Congratulations, bold until the end!!!


Dylan said...

Amen! Prepare to see GK make a huge comeback in the next LPC leadership race!

Anonymous said...

It all happened so fast, there were no whips trying to bring his base over with him.

Kennedy was able to bring 91% of his delegates to Dion, many of us crying, with the sheer strength of his convictions and the loyalty it inspired in us.

Hope to see him at the after party and cry some more :-)

Steve V said...


No reason to cry, Kennedy ran a great campaign. Dion is the winner, but Kennedy comes out of this convention smelling like a rose.