Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Trudeau To Run In Next Election?

Rumors of Trudeau running are starting to swirl:
One of the stories you did not hear about was who the party hopes to snag in time for the next election — Justin Trudeau, who supported Gerard Kennedy and ultimately Dion.

Three ridings are being eyed by Trudeau backers: LaSalle-Emard, where Paul Martin is certain not to run again; Outremont, if Jean Lapierre decides to take a walk; or Mount Royal, “if” Irwin Cotler retires from politics. The latter has particular significance since Justin’s dad, Pierre, represented Mount Royal. Justin is only 34 years old and was married less than two years ago and I wonder whether his wife, TV personality Sophie GrĂ©goire, would be happy to see him spending so much time in Ottawa. But as I watched him work the room, it was clear he had caught the bug. I see another Prime Minister Trudeau in our future.

Trudeau sighting in BC?:
On the Intraweb, blue blogger Stephen Taylor took that now possibly open Quebec seat, added one aspiring young Liberal with a killer smile and famous name, and baked this pie: Justin Trudeau, the most visible, vocal supporter of Liberal kingmaker Gerard Kennedy, will run in Outremont, Lapierre’s Montreal area riding, in the next election.

Taylor says he heard the rumour last week at the Liberals’ convention. And while I have heard no such rumour, I’d like to start one of my own.

Justin Trudeau will run in the next federal election. But it won’t be in Quebec. No, the man who is Canada’s answer to either John Kennedy Junior or George W. Bush (Or maybe handsome’s answer to Ben Mulroney) will run right here in Vancouver, in the riding soon to be vacated by the much loathed David Emerson.

Watching Trudeau suck the air out every room he entered in Montreal, you would have to believe there is great interest in getting him to Ottawa.

I'm of two minds on Trudeau. On the one hand, it would be great to have Trudeau's energy and commitment to a new Liberalism on board. There is no question that Trudeau looks ready to step into the political arena on a full-time basis. My only hesitation, I'm not sure I could stand the MSM fawning over Trudeau everyday in the House of Commons. Trudeau's presence might cast a shadow over everyone else and distract from the big picture. We would also have to endure the endless speculation about when Trudeau would seek the big prize. I worry about the sideshow aspect, as Trudeau would ultimately become the main thesis. In other words, I love the guy, but I'm not sure I'm ready to stomach the endless hype machine.


Altavistagoogle said...

Trudeau shouldn't be such a wimp. If he runs, he should run in one of the unsafe ridings. Even in the "safe" Liberal ridings, there is no garantee he would win the nomination. With the new financing law, rich people don't have it as easy as they used to, even in the Liberal party.

Steve V said...

" rich people don't have it as easy as they used to"

I'm sure he would need lots of money to get his name out there, not to mention some media attention. Geez.

IslandLiberal said...

I imagine the party would prefer, if he ran, for him to run in a safe seat, since that frees him up to go elsewhere on the campaign trail.

The guy's undeniably a star, so by all means let's get him elected so he can start working to live up to his family's legacy.

Anonymous said...

Calgary Center?

Anonymous said...

The guy's undeniably a star, so by all means let's get him elected so he can start working to live up to his family's legacy.

The act of getting elected by itself should be a part of living up to this "legacy"

I’ve met Justin and at this point, he is pretty much hype over substance. There are many in the party who agree and would be extremely annoyed if he was given a free ride.

It's one thing to be called a superstar candidate, and given a free ride, based on life experience and accomplishments, but to be called one just based on a last name?

Anonymous said...

It would be good if Justin decided what he wanted to do for a living once and for all. He's immature and all over the place.

Am I impressed - NO. The media, especially CTV made a big issue of him as if he's an expert and knows all.

Spare us Justin Trudeau please.

Mark Dowling said...


Why should Justin Trudeau begin his public life in the Commons? It's not like his dad did.

The Liberals don't need to lock up a Montreal riding - they need to take back the seats they lost to the Bloc.

burlivespipe said...

This isn't some doltish host of a game show we're talking about. Trudeau knows his stuff, has been an inspiring teacher (talk with the kids and staffers who worked with him -- he was inspiring) and has a good knowledge of some important issues. He has the substance to overcome being painted as just a 'handsome face'... That said, I see the value of having him run in a tough seat where he could reclaim a riding that was lost to the Bloc (or if in BC, the NdP -- Van East -- the Tyee speculated they'd like to see him in Van-Kingsway but Dion supporter Wendy Yuan has already won that nomination and Dion's on record of protecting and encouraging more women to run)... If Kennedy ran in Manitoba, Rae in Ont (against Chow) and Martha in outer Toronto, we could make some big gains. And create a wave of some proportion. But I guess i'm buying too much into the honeymoon polls right now.

Steve V said...


"Why should Justin Trudeau begin his public life in the Commons? It's not like his dad did."

Maybe he shouldn't.


I'm still hoping Kennedy decides to run in Alberta, because it could be a powerful statement. I really think he could win a seat in Edmonton.

Mark Dowling said...

Rae should run in his first Commons seat, if for no other reason than to leave the Trinity-Spadina stage open for a future run by (if you believe the enraged local dippers) the Liberal friendly Adam Vaughan. Kennedy running in his old Parkdale riding would take out another Dipper. It would be dangerous for the Liberals if the NDP not only held their downtown three but "unified them" by finding a strong candidate for Bill Graham's seat.

An alternative would be for Rae and Kennedy to dig up a couple of the so-cons in Scarborough.

The safe move might be for he or Kennedy could run in a mutual old stamping ground - York South (now -Weston) if Alan Tonks doesn't want to go again.

I'm not sure the way to win the respect of the west is to parachute in Ontarians - bad enough the whole Emerson fiasco began with a Liberal parachute. Kingsway should be left alone by HQ for a long time.