Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jim Flaherty Look A Like Contest

A lighthearted(easy robocons!) discussion yesterday, on who Jim Flaherty looks like. When I see Jim, I see Spanky. Some agreed, others candidates were suggested, so to end the raging debate, how about a poll. You decide:


Tof KW said...

Just thinking of Harper and Flaherty going on the road with this skit...

Flaherty: I'm asking YOU who's in Finance.

Harper: That's the man's name.

Flaherty: That's who's name?

Harper: Yes.

Flaherty: Well go ahead and tell me.

Harper: That's it.

Flaherty: That's who?

Harper: Yes.

Flaherty: Look, you gotta auditor we can trust at Finance?

Harper: Certainly.

Flaherty: Who is it?

Harper: That's right.

From this, you can guess my vote :)

Steve V said...

I see Spanky, but early returns it looks like Lou in a landslide.

sassy said...

I picked Spanky but that may be because of the gang affiliation.

Tomm said...


I'm with you.

Flaherty looks like them all, but Spanky is the funniest.

Steve V said...

Spanky nation!

As an aside, what a great show growing up.

Möbius said...

He looks a bit like Scotty, from Star Trek. Without the fake Scottish accent.

Steve V said...

Duly noted!

Omar said...

is another Flaherty look a like. And thirty-five years from now, he'll look like this.