Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Sense Of Pride

Stephen Harper is a cad:
Dion: Since the Prime Minister doesn't have the courage to ask the Minister of Defence to do the honorable thing, will the Minister of Defence not resign himself.

Harper: The Minister of National Defence is a veteran of the Canadian Forces. He has served this country courageously in uniform for 32 years and when the Leader of the Opposition is able to stand in uniform and serve his country, then I'll care about his opinion on the performance of the Minister.

Following the logic, Canadians should disregard Harper's defence of O'Connor, since his opinion is irrelevant, due to his lack of service. As a matter of fact, Harper's boorish, partisan speeches in defence of the "brave men and women in uniform" are meaningless, given his civilian background.

Everytime the Prime Minister brings the discourse to the gutter, Conservatives remind us all that parliament has always been raucous, always been less than a shining example for Canadians. Bull. This man, his tactics, have NO PEER.


Karen said...

I'm sure there are some despots that he'd equate to, but I'll leave it to others to name and compare.

Anonymous said...

"Stephen Harper is a cad"

I repectfully suggest that this is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

Anonymous said...

My great-grandfather, grand-father, great-uncles, uncles, father and my sainted god-mother who was a red cross nurse in WWII would wipe the floor with O'Connor and Harper.
Of course they'd only do that if it looked like Harper and O'Connor were treasonous, and I'm saying they both are: treason is lying and, in doing so, endangering our troops.
Harper isn't worthy to shine the boots of any trooper, and no amount of hauling his fat arse up a hill in Afghanistan under heavy guard and at great risk to his babysitters isn't going to make Harper a brave, courageous or honourable person.
Harper's a cad of the highest order. O'Connor is a liar. A bad one. Hillier took one bullet for O'Connor; I doubt he's going to stand for any more. Here's hoping that there is a non-partisan DND person who can be trusted to give Canadians a true accounting of what is happening in Canada's fight against the Taliban and our fight for the Afghani people.
This current crew does not inspire ANY confidence in me.

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I was willing to initially give Gordon O'Connor a chance as I always do with everyone, but clearly, he is been nothing but a disaster. He may have a lot of military experience, but his attitude is hurting our image and it is time for him to resign. My concern is right now defence policy is driving foreign policy, when it should be the other way around.

Red Tory said...

Steve, sorry to nit-pick, but it’s boorish not borish. Harper is exceedingly boring however, so perhaps we should coin this new term in his honour.

But BOORISH… Yes, most definitely! I saw that on the news and could not believe the foolish man had uttered such asinine words. Yet again, as with so many righties, he demonstrated a stunning failure to grasp the irony of what he was saying. Where did Steve serve, exactly? The Reserve Guard of the Canadian Taxpayer’s Federation?

That aside, what he said was just dumb. Look, Gordon O’Connor seems like a decent enough fellow, but he’s shown himself to be pretty crappy as a politician. And I know it’s horribly un-PC to say this, but give me a break regarding this notion he served “courageously” in uniform. Puh-leeze. He was a glorified bureaucrat; just as most, if not all, staff officers and generals are these days.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read "CastorRouge" today - it get's to point directly from his grandfather, a veteran.

You know, if Harper believes what he said, then because he never served he has no right to make decisions about military missions.

ottlib said...

Well you see there is a double standard at play here.

If you criticise the Defence Minister and how he is handling the Afghan war but you were never in uniform then you are way off base.

However, if you praise the Defence Minister, the war, and how it is being handled and you have never been in uniform, that is OK.

C'mon folks, get with the program!!

Anonymous said...

Your pic/silhouette of Harper here - really looks like Mike Harris.

I think so anyway - they certainly have similar personalities and exact same views.

Anonymous said...

Humm... with all the protests you all make about it, I wonder how it is that the majority of our soldiers support Mr. Harper, Mr. O'Conner, and the CPC, and not the Liberals?

Anonymous said...

How dumb - like Anon 1:21 knows what each and every soldier thinks inside his head. Please, give us a break.

Ed said...

Let me ask you this...if O'Conner is above reproach as the Defence Minister becuase he served in the CF, what does this say about Flaherty and Baird (for example) who have no experience in finance or environmentalism respectively.

Are we to assume that their words are not meaningful becuase their past employment is not superficially linked with their current employment?

Ed said...

I wonder how it is that the majority of our soldiers support Mr. Harper, Mr. O'Conner, and the CPC, and not the Liberals?

I suspect the opposite is true. Soldiers, sailors and aircrew can see that they are being used as props just as easily as those outside the CF. It was likely a flattering as the outset but has been made ridiculous of late.