Saturday, October 11, 2008

If Harper Wants To Hide, Then Ignore Him

The above is what should happen, when you think about it. If the Conservatives have decided that Harper will no longer be available to the media, then why should the media bother covering the propaganda????

Here we are, in the final stages, and Harper will go into a cocoon, demonstrating zero accountability, while other leaders face the music with the media, the only conduit between voters and politicians, particularly with regard to a Prime Minister that doesn't interact with VOTERS.

Just what in the sam hell is going on here, and before I get the sour grapes routine, things are still fluid people. This tactic is successful in a modern day democracy? Didn't seem to fly with Palin, why should it fly here with the PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA. This is actually the crescendo to a central theme of obstruction and slight of hand. Delay your environmental regulations, file motions in court to delay court proceedings YOU initiated, tell the Heritage Department NO media availabilities, hide candidates FAR AND WIDE, hide your Agriculture Minister, you name it, a pattern of deception. And yet, one more announcement, everyone just swallow hard, the Conservative campaign has spoken.

Hello PASSIVE media, will you just cover the events and the emails in the blackberries? Will you strive for complete totality, giving Harper one final FREE PASS for good measure, while a democracy makes its most sacred choice. Ahh, you'll just roll over and hope someone rubs your belly and throws a few scraps. Meanwhile, the other guys, will stand in front, and subject themselves to your arcane questioning, because despite it all, it's PART OF THE PROCESS.

Yep, that's a leader all right, the accountable, transparent guy, that really seems to be growing into his job. Make sure to run those uncritical mug shots of Harpo on the stump, because the rationalization will be, "it's all we got". I suppose, dare I say it, the media could react by letting Harper hide, or at least highlighting his preference for the shadows. Dare to dream.


Northern PoV said...

Hopefully this will seem as weird to the general public as it does to us.

Jerry Prager said...

I guess he's run out of things to say, run out of ideas, run out of brain, courage, principles, honesty, yo name it, he's run out of it.

WesternGrit said...

We need to call his bluff, and come out with some statements that he simply MUST answer to... We need to stand up and accuse him of perjury and bribery, or whatever it is that the charges would be with the current allegations.

Mr. Dion has to ask that question every hour, every interview. Make the media SICK of hearing it. If that's all they hear from our guy, SOMEONE WILL HEAR it, and cover it. Harper will either have to come out and speak, or seem to be hiding from the allegations.

Already our narrative should be that Harper is hiding from some very serious charges, and that voters MUST NOT LET HIM HIDE HIS WAY INTO ANOTHER GOVERNMENT...

Jeff said...

Harper has a lot to answer for, and he's being let off the hook. BUT on the other hand, his defiance of the media is understandable to me, because there are lots of nasty people in the media, and the ethical standards and respect levels are low, in some cases.

But if the media let him get away with this reclusive pre-election move, then they're stupid as well.

The Globe article said this:
"His (Harper's) officials say they could change their mind if they decide there's something they want to respond to in the media."

So what good questions should the media be coming up with here? What's a good ballot question?

burlivespipe said...

This should also allow one last chance to highlight the contrasts between the leaders -- Dion should speak about how, while human, he understands and respects the democratic process, need to listen and respond to the challenges of being accountable. The current PM meanwhile does not. Highlight the issues of the day -- economic crisis, Harper (and team)'s resistance from facing questions, and the perception that it's 'me, myself and I' government. Swing heavily on the Mike Harris connection in Ontario.
While the polls seem to be still fluid, my main concern is that the CONs have learned to play the system. Lie like never before, because they know the general public has an allergic reaction to the possibility of a Harper majority. It's so hard to clearly understand the mood swings of the various polls, which go up and down like my stock portfolio (ok, only down these days)...
The other point we need to make is hammering at the strategic voting angle; how voters in close races who support also-rans can leave the voting booth with a clear conscious by voting for the environmental option (best to win) and make a $2 donation or more to the party where they would have normally supported.
Leave with a clean conscious and a cleaner environment, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

This is the entire point of Harper only doing local, one on one media. There are enough up and coming hacks at podunk papers and radio stations who need resume padding that would break them into the big time.

"Local exclusive with Prime Minister" is the bait that Guy and Kory are using to lure local media.

Constant Vigilance said...

They may be keeping him under wraps because he is melting down behind the scenes. Look at the comments he is making about being demonized by the Bloc. A good ballot question has to push this button.

How about:
"As someone who sees himself as a strong leader, how does it feel to be in a close race with someone you spent millions of dollars denigrating as being Not A Leader">

It would be great to see him have a tantrum as a prelude to taking a wing-nut welfare position at the American Enterprise Institute with other neo-con losers.

Steve V said...

Is there anything more pathetic than Harper complaining about being "demonized"? Goodness me.

Anonymous said...

I think the Liberals are going to be in a very difficult position after this election.

They have probably not performed well enough to form the government but, at the same time, Dion did well enough that he deserves another shot.

Like Liberal leaders before him, Dion can rightfully claim that he should get to fight one more election. After all, he seems to have secured the parties' base, likely held on to the Official Opposition post from the NDP and resurrected the party from being wiped out in Quebec.

Also to be factored into this equation is the financial state of the party. Can they mount another leadership campaign right now? How divisive would this be for the Liberals (Iggy-Rae splitting the party just like Martin-Chretien)?

A final consideration, if Dion puts his leadership to a vote of the party faithful, he might do okay. After all, the party base is further to the left than where the party sees itself. Dion would probably have surprising strength with this group after campaigning on the carbon tax, women's representation, Kelowna and poverty.

Do Liberals want him back? Will they go out and vote Liberal knowing that this is the outcome they will be securing?

Interesting times.

Anonymous said...

All the Liberals have left to offer is negative talking points. They have resorted to this because all that is left to them in this election is to energize their base and that is what partisan attacks are for: ‘saving the furniture’.

The recent Liberal rise in the polls appears to have been a one day wonder. Information confirming Harper’s more optimistic view of the Canadian economy has rolled in and stopped Liberal growth. Also, CPC support appears firm and unmovable at better than 30% while Liberal support is more tentative and changeable, and somewhat lower.

Dion continues to be hamstrung both by his Green Shift and by his obstinate character. Canadians are in no mood for higher taxes (however dressed up) and reject Dion’s inability to admit compromise. His extreme idealism and unwillingness to admit the possibility of changes to his plan are reminiscent of religious fanaticism, although Dion’s extremist views are secular in nature. Canadians have traditionally been a practical people, not given to fanaticism …

The ATV interview has shown Canadians Dion’s fundamental weakness as a candidate: no, not his poor English, but rather his lack of mental flexibility. The result is his bumbling episodes and a public image to match. He is the sad pathetic clown of Canadian politics, who might cheerfully and self righteously strangle us with heavy taxes (‘for our own good’) if given the opportunity. He is simultaneously contempible, amusing and terrifying. Many make allusions to ‘Kim Campbell’ or ‘John Turner’ moments, here’s a new one for you … Dion is a Liberal version of Joe Clark. I remember PM Joe Clark, and what an absolute disaster he was. Like many others at that time I was as relieved when his bumbling government was defeated as I was appalled to see him elected in the first place. I doubt many of my generation would willingly vote in another ‘Joe Who’ …. Even once was definitely too much. The ATV interview confirms the Tory contention that Dion is a bumbling incompetent on a scale comparable to Joe Clark … and the message is resonating with the public.

What about a backlash against ‘mean Steve’? Well, perhaps the subdued Harper of the debates had a greater purpose than we first imagined. None of the opposition parties can credibly claim injury or offence after not one, but two gang ups in that uneven debate format. He took his punishment without complaint, and now that he is putting the boots (and in quite restrained fashion at that) to Dion, there is much crying and whining and talk of ‘low blows’. Dion makes himself out to be a whiny little tattletale who tells half the story and expects sympathy and redress. His complaints about ‘dishonesty’ only underscore the fact that he himself is not completely truthful … this comes off as denial, an especially bad characteristic in a zealot.

If Canadians decide they need a majority government, they will give one to Harper. That will be the deciding factor

RuralSandi said...

I watched CTV's QP - what a joke.

Taber constantly interrupted Dion - she didn't want him to get his points out obviously.

Then, add insult to injury - Craig Oliver has this cream puff interview with Harper.

CTV and I are parting ways.

Taber also did a pathetic interview with Layton - how is it that this woman still has a job as a journalist?


RuralSandi said...

Also meant to add - if Harper is such a leader (he did say he could take a punch) why is he running away?

What a wussy.

Anonymous said...

There's a new ABC movement going on - because of their totally partisan and poor coverage of the campaign - it's now watch Anyone But CTV on election night.

Sounds like a good plan.

Watch any coverage on election night but Lloyd Robertson/CTV!