Friday, January 16, 2009

Attack Ads

CTV reports that the Conservatives are running radio ads today, attacking the coalition, while pumping budget passage. The timing is curious, and probably not by accident.

The huge bounce the government received, in the aftermath of the coalition threat, has clearly waned, with every polling outfit confirming a significant shift from the soaring heights of early December. Within that reality, I assume the Conservatives polling reveals the same, there might be some nervousness which probably led to another round of attack ads. A tightening race, coupled with some evidence that the coalition concept is marginally more acceptable, and you can see why the Conservatives might want to attack.

Running radio ads is probably the smart move, because they get less attention than the television variety. The Conservatives can't afford to look to partisan or hostile, because that feeds all the cementing negative narratives. That said, the fact the Conservatives feel the need to run any ad, and risk looking partisan, is probably a statement that they have some genuine fear, that demands addressing.


Robert McClelland said...

The Cons are claiming these are "response ads" precipitated by ads from the Canadian Labour Congress. I doubt ConTV mentioned those.

Greg Fingas said...

But it's worth noting that the CLC ads don't mention the coalition or voting down the Cons, and actually talk about trying to get the government to listen to ideas in its budget. So the Cons' claim is about as plausible as...well, any other Con claim.

Anonymous said...

Once the budget is thru, the TV ads against Iggy will start. I'm sure they're ready.

Harper really does not know how to do anything else.

Unknown said...

Well, compared to shouting the coalition is illegal, undemocratic, and the BQ are separatists, this is relatively acceptable. You can't expect them to welcome the coalition.

Are those ads telling their side of the story, or are they the gratuitous lies I've come to expect?

Steve V said...

" You can't expect them to welcome the coalition."

I think the important fact here, you don't run ads, unless you sense a threat. I see these ads as an attempt to keep the foot on the coalition throat, because they perceive some softening public opinion.

If you're a coalition supporter, these ads are a small positive, if that makes sense

Anonymous said...

Yeah - I've been hearing those radio ads all over about the coalition has a budget which is a better way, etc.

I really wondered who was paying for them. So, it it unions? Is that legal to use union dues for political ads?

Just wondering.

janfromthebruce said...

yes, it makes sense, as a coalition supporter. It means that the coalition is a viable alternative and the cons know it too. They won't waste money on something that doesn't matter. They read the same "tea leaves" in the that recent poll and know that 3.1 means that yap, the coalition, and not an election, is a better alternative.
Remember, if Canadians went to an election, and not coalition, the stim package goes on hold for like 2 more months. Canadians are worried now, and Canadians are hurting now.

Anonymous said...

"Remember, if Canadians went to an election, and not coalition, the stim package goes on hold for like 2 more months."

Another reason why the GG could go with a coalition instead of an election.

Harper is going to coopt whoever he can to share the blame for the recession/deficit. Once the budget passes, he will turn on everyone.

Steve V said...


Not to put a damper on things, but the coalition package isn't a budget, so there would be a delay as they work out the details. It's not like coalition comes in, and next week you have a budget passed. You could do it quickly, but for the short run, the transition would necessiate some delay.

janfromthebruce said...

A much longer one with an election squeezed in. And a very dirty election. Who pulls the plug, pays! So Iggy really has 2 choices: support Harper's budget or vote no confidence and go to coalition.

janfromthebruce said...

The CLC is a free agent and gets its funding from union affiliations. See Canadian Labour Congress.

Anonymous said...

"Once the budget is thru, the TV ads against Iggy will start. I'm sure they're ready."

Yep, and while some are saying that Ignaieff can fight off the barrage that is coming his way - unlike his predecessor - I worry that history is going to repeat itself on this one.

The Liberals will experience a bit of a bump during a honeymoon phase, but eventually the CPC machine will cement a narrative, given their financial situations, along with media outlets more than ready to help themselves to that cash.

I hope I'm wrong - and I may just be bitter and disillusioned given my respect and support for Dion - but it would sure be nice to see us punching for a change. A coalition government, if run effectively, could put the CPC on the mat for a good while (and maybe provide some good governance for a change).

Oemissions said...

Because of the intensity of the attack ads this past election I a going on my own attack.
I will be contacting every MP and the powers that be in the networks to not permit political ads on TV networks and CBC radio.

Steve V said...

"I worry that history is going to repeat itself on this one."

That fatalistic view assumes we've LEARNED NOTHING. We have, clearly.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope the Grits are ready with attack ads of their own.
Grits have to hammer home the fact that the economic meltdown is based on failed, flawed, greedy Conservative thinking, values and policy.
The Conservative Meltdown could have been lessened if some, like Harper, had cared or at least taken some steps to address the issue. Instead, Harper chose to mislead Canadians.
Hammer this home: Harper mislead Canadians on purpose, for over a year!

RuralSandi said...

Hey, perhaps Iggy or Layton or someone should challenge Harper to do an examine on our parliamentary system and our Constitution. If he fails, he shouldn't qualify to be PM. If he passes, he shouldn't qualify to be PM because he is purposely misleading Canadians on OUR democracy.

Unions have money to throw around on ads? Why keep blackmailing people for wages, etc., especially during a crisis?

Seems like we're being squeezed between corporate and union greed.

Anonymous said...

Radio spots are far more targeted than TV. They provide a great bang for the buck if you are targeting a precise demographic. The message, and the demographic of the listeners are what are of interest. I for one would like to know what the CPC media buyers were looking to get done with these spots. What they were saying to whom will reveal a great deal about what their internal polling is telling them. TV spots are expensive, and have a much wider audience. They will be held in reserve for appropriate circumstances.