Thursday, October 22, 2009

PMO's Dmitri Soudas "Should Shut Up"

I must have missed Soudas' talking point today, but it caught the attention of CTV. The fact that Soudas was reduced to playing the card he did, is quite telling and insightful. Soudas actually accused The Globe and Mail, which endorsed the Harper Conservatives the past two elections, of getting their stimulus cash spending direction from the Leader of the Opposition.

Think about that for a second? Soudas couldn't refute the numbers, the PMO couldn't devise a feasible counter argument, so they were reduced to manufacturing a vast "liberal media" consipracy defence. Does this mean all the Ignatieff bashing and negative Liberal storylines being puked out by The Globe and Mail for the past weeks and months actually originated with the Liberals themselves? Liberals plotting their own demise, behind the "skirt" of their media organ? Hmmm, there's a plausible argument.

It's pathetic that Soudas went there, but from the Liberal perspective it's a great development. What it suggests is the PMO is becoming exacerbated, they're lashing out because they're losing the public relations battle. The arguments are starting to bite, and it's getting under their skin.

CTV Powerplay discussed this issue today. Obviously, The Globe and Mail laugh off the accusations. Craig Oliver went further, quite upset with Soudas for the mere suggestion. He advised Mr. Soudas that he "should shut up". I would advise Mr. Soudas to keep talking.


ottlib said...

It has been proven over and over again that the Conservatives do not do well when they are forced to go off script.

They can follow a pre-set plan but it seems even little unforeseen events throws them. They are then forced to ad lib and almost invariably make things worse in doing so.

Steve V said...

That is VERY true.

Top Can said...

Mr. Soudas should keep talking, but I would advise any news outlet never to show his face on camera. The man looks like my age, and I'm barely 27! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish Kory Techyank was back.

Omar said...

CBC 'At Issue' should be interesting tonight. Will Coyne, H├ębert and Gregg be complicit in the conspiracy if they report the story in the only plausible way it can be reported? I love watching these nutters spin their tires in the mud.

Steve V said...

Apologize for the typo, Soudas, not Soudras, although Soudass works.

Kim Leaman said...

Harper is not in the WhiteHouse, This is not Fox News, and the Media Outlet of which Mr. Soudras was in such contempt, is not some radical right winged faction like the Teaparty in the States, or the remnants of the Reform Party Of Canada. Obama had Good reasons to stand up to Fox. They were spreading mis-information, which incidentally is exactly What Harper is now being accused of.

So His government is blaming the media?

p.s. It's a funny thing to have happen on the same Day that Mr. Harper admitted (strangely)that he had no use for Canadian News, that his Eyes were in fact on American Channels.

Can't wait to see the video.

Tomm said...


You said:

"they're lashing out because they're losing the public relations battle. The arguments are starting to bite, and it's getting under their skin."

...because the media is listening to the crap coming from people like Gerard Kennedy who is twisting and torturing the facts to suit his perception of reality.

Even a Liberal cabinet minister in Ontario is trying to tell the media that the Federal Liberal's level of "truthiness" is found wanting.

Perhaps Craig Oliver and the Globe & Mail should be a little less trusting of their federal Liberal pals and begin asking themselves, which party is really playing politics with the stimulus money?

Which party is screaming for more money to go to certain ridings? Which party wants the data sorted by constituency? Which party? The Federal Liberal Party, that's who.

The media should be more selective with who they co-habitate with. I would call this a "fling" but of course that isn't the case, this is the long term relationship for a media cougar such as Toronto's National Newspaper.

Tomm said...

Donas Kim Le,

Are you missing the context on purpose? Watch the At Issue panel on CBC. Allan Gregg, who was a butt of a Harper comment at the time clearly identifies that the media has twisted the words to make it seem he said something in a certain way when it was not the case.

He was commenting on US Protectionism...

Mark Dowling said...

CTV and Globe/Mail are part of the same org (see J Taber). Not surprising that there would be defensiveness. Will CBC and others back them up?

Frunger said...

"Does this mean all the Ignatieff bashing and negative Liberal storylines being puked out by The Globe and Mail for the past weeks and months actually originated with the Liberals themselves?"

Um, you'll have to ask Bob Rae about that one.

marie said...

I don't know if anyone is aware of Glen Pearson web site but here is a small portion oon his last blog which I agree with whole heartly. No other explaination that makes more sense to me.

Quote:Maybe, if we were all to be truthful, we should just acknowledge that the media has become Canada’s natural governing party – it remains when other parties stumble and fall. Journalists and commentators facing horrendous deadlines find their work made easier when some politician steps out of line and in a rare moment of candour tells the truth. It’s far easier to mull over the effect of the statement than to truly take the time to consider its potential for damage or good. I read in a national daily today a well-known columnist whom I respect wonder if it might not be a wise time for Harper to cause another election if he wants to survive some upcoming challenges like Afghanistan. What’s with that? Ignatieff just took a national pummelling for threatening to force an election and now we have a pundit thinking it might not be a bad idea for Harper.

He goes on and it makes sense. The Media is doing everything he has said to make sure they are the ones pulling the string and its plain who they are favoring at this point. Make they all go belly up like and well deserved.

marie said...

oops, typos' again last line should of read,
May they all go belly up and it would be well deserved. And... may those so called Journalists be standing in line at the EI office or better yet, at the soup kitches or welfare lines.