Monday, June 07, 2010

Banner Day

Quite a laundry list on NNW. I wonder how the EKOS daily tracking poll is going tonight?:

My money is on poorly. I heard a "tsk, tsk" at Tim Horton's.


Tof KW said...

Likewise, I'm eager to see the polls over the next two weeks.

Curious to see if any of this sticks though, as anyone who has any an ounce conservative principle left in there body should be pissed at Harper's spending over this boondoggle.

But then again the CPofC is not about conservatism, it's all about firebrand populism and libertarian economics wrapped around folksy-fascist SoCon dogma. The only thing keeping them together is a hatred of liberals no doubt the CPofC sheep will eventually just blame this on the Grits somehow and will continue to praise their fearless leader.

Must be nice to be able to completely divorce yourself from reality like that.

jad said...

I imagine this column by Don Martin is not good news for you.

"The Official Opposition's shots at the juicy target of outrageous G20 and G8 summit costs may soon encounter resistance from an unfamiliar source.

The parliamentary budget officer appears poised to conclude most of the billion-dollar security tab for Ontario's G20 and G8 summits can be justified.

Kevin Page may well quibble at the premium for deploying RCMP officers when Canadian soldiers could've been used without overtime costs, but he tells me his initial scan hasn't spotted anything severely out of whack with hosting costs in other cities."

Oh dear, another good scandal gone to waste.

Steve V said...

LOL. You're not putting this genie back in the bottle. I must say though, a Conbot referencing the PBO is simply hilarious. Remember that when he and the AG start reviewing the Economic Action Plan expenditures ;)

Steve V said...

Here's a good read too:

Just the Facts:
A comparison of G8 and G20 summit security costs

To compare the $930 million security costs for the upcoming G8/G20 summits, the University of Toronto’s G8 and G20 Research Groups compiled the following lists showing costs of previous summits. The numbers show that nowhere in the world has a government spent more to host a summit than the Harper Conservatives:

(All costs in US$ at the time of summit)
Security Costs: G8
2010 – Canada – $442 million
2009 – Italy – $124 million
2008 – Japan – $280 million
2007 – Germany – $124 million
2006 – Russia – N/A
2005 – United Kingdom – $140 million
2004 – United States – $25 million
2003 – France – N/A
2002 – Canada – $93 million
2001 – Italy – $40 million

Security Costs: G20
2010 – Canada – $442 million
2009 – United States – $12.2 million
2009 – United Kingdom – $28.6 million

Tof KW said...

The Harper government could have saved us a lot of money just by NOT hosting the friggin' meeting in Toronto. A good chunk of the money is being spent on securing the city for all the visiting diplomats and staff.

Fine, Deerhurst was too small for the G20 - then everything could have been held in Banff or Mont Tremblant. Oh, but wait, we need to spread the pork thick in the Muskokas in order for Clement to re-take his seat next election.

And I must say jad, that I find it hilarious every time I see a faux-conservative like yourself defending the Harpernauts like you just did.

Look up hypocrisy in the dictionary ...for it is you!

Steve V said...

That's the bottomline KW, the choice of venue demonstrates utter incompetence. All this nonsense about security costs, when in reality you don't choose the most unhospitable site in ALL of Canada. Couple that with Clement dumping wads of cash nowhere near any proposed venue, and you have a boondoggle/scandal that has more legs than a centipede. Deal with it conbots, even Flanagan can't defend this crap.

jad said...

TofKW, indulge me please - what exactly is a faux-conservative and how do I qualify ???

Gene Rayburn said...

Hey Jad, you should hook up with Canadiansense. neither of you seem to be able to stay on topic.

You conbots sure are getting dumb as of late.

Tof KW said...

A faux-conservative is one with no principles.

Like one who condones the waste of taxpayer's dollars and enjoys being bought with their own money.

There is more to being a conservative jad than just hating Liberals.

jad said...

TofKW, so if a "faux" conservative is someone who has no principles, by definition a true blue conservative must be highly principled indeed.

Also, let's be accurate here, at no time did I either applaud or condemn the summit costs, I simply pointed out Mr. Page's remarks. Not quite sure why this makes me unprincipled, but I'm sure you will explain. And is Kevin Page also a "faux" conservaative ?

And for the record, I don't "hate" Liberals. Pity them, think they are foolish, absolutely, but hate is reserved for people that I actually fear.

Steve V said...

If there is more useless conbot, let me know. Zzzzzzzz.