Sunday, August 28, 2011

"These People Never Stop"

First, a couple thoughts on the Blatchford column, now that the funeral has passed, then some digestion of the line above, which was the central thrust of her column and those that support it.

It's not really what Blatchford wrote- Layton's letter was a political document, Stephen Lewis even referred to it as a "manifesto" yesterday- it was the timing. Most people have an internal mechanism which would prevent penning that piece, then, because the reaction was entirely predictable. Blatchford's column really was a study of her own character flaws, it wasn't "brave", it was asinine and devoid of basic common sense and compassion. The subsequent column, wherein Blatchford lists all the terrible things people said to her in response, really a validation of her horrendous judgement. The second column a now common refrain (see Coren after his Norway terrorist crack), rather than deal with the substance of complaints, you highlight the most offensive to garner sympathy for yourself and in so doing completely ignore the central problem. The real issue here is why Christie Blatchford is so bloody jaded and cold hearted that her FIRST response to this death is to lash out in unseemly and embarrassing fashion. Had Blatchford waited a few days, her column would have been seen in an entirely different light, because at the heart, there is a relevant point, which no one, including my NDP friends would deny.

"These people never stop", and they didn't stop at the funeral either, which turned into a political event, rather than a traditional funeral. One last reference to Blatchford, speaking of never stopping, I wonder if she had penned a outraged piece on our PRIME MINISTER'S weekly meeting to review where the Economic Action Plan signs were placed. I mention Harper because our political world is now dominated by 24/7 focus, everything is throw into the mix and parties have dedicated staff who's sole focus is to never stop, never let any opportunity go, never fail to calculate. Jack Layton was "on" all the time, he was a professional politician, why would anyone expect his last missive to lack this overriding characteristic? Why would anyone begrudge a dying man- and his team for that matter- a final chance to cement a legacy and provide a path forward, which of course had an element of self interest? In other words, people actually expected Jack Layton to stop being Jack Layton? Were you paying attention?

What Mr. Layton wrote, how he choose to be buried, certainly belies a motivation to push a very politicized agenda after his death. Mission accomplished Mr. Layton, one final contribution which highlights why you became Leader of the Opposition in the first place. The same spirit, the same unrelenting focus, his death mirrored his life, Mr. Layton understood this was a moment from which to capitalize. The NDP team kept their wits about them, in this fascinating attempt to turn grief and sullen resignation into a truimphant moment that will pace the party moving forward. I saw bravo to the NDP, bravo to Mr. Layton for demonstrating his political skill until the bitter end, rather than anger I commend how shrewd "these people" really were and are.

Blatchford was actually right in one limited sense, woven within a column that was ALL WRONG, on EVERY level.


Bill Oates said...

Finer words than I would pen. Good one!

Jim Parrett said...

I think Jack Layton's final statement will outlast his legacy and that of his contemporaries. Political or not, it was a defining document especially for the right wing who have taken great umbrage to it. Which is a good thing. The left needs some defining moments. We don't do well at such things. Jack did it for us. I hope we continue his fight.

Jerry Prager said...

Of course the reality for Blatchford, is that two men went to Ottawa at the same time, one sold his soul and all his principles to become PM, the other lived, breathed and died with his principles intact.
When Layton was lying in state in Ottawa, Harper was off in the Arctic shilling for the right of gold companies to dump processing wastes into fishing waters.
One man is a pimp for big business and always will be, the other man has become an inspiration for equality and democracy.
Harper's legacy will be corruption, with folks like the king of pork barrel Tony Clement, serving as the tip of the iceberg of corruption to come.
Blatchford supports the most corrupt politician Canada has ever seen, and despises one of the more principled MP's to ever lead a party, what else can she do but bitch, she has nothing else to say about anything.

thwap said...

I wonder if Belchforth has figured out the difference between ordinary people on the internet and nationally syndicated columnists?

Nationally syndicated columnists must realize that what they write will affect more people than what anonymous shmoes write on the internet. And they should temper their hateful, prejudiced bile accordingly.

Of course, I've completely written off Belchforth since she allowed herself to be used to smear Richard Colvin and help harper get away with war crimes.

Omar said...

Blatchford and her ilk are hustlers who hawk a product for a small constituency of 'like-minds'. I don't know why clear thinking individuals give them the time of day.

Jae/Jennie said...

This post is what Blatchford's column should have been, but really, really wasn't.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well done, Steve.

marie said...

Great post Steve. Your words are great. Good response Jerry. I totally agree with you. As for Blachford, once a bitch, always a bitch.

Well done and the responses are exactly right.

This post is what Blatchford's column should have been, but really, really wasn't.

That's typical of the Partisan so called journalists of the Harper bought Media. Attack with their pens as they are to cowardly to do it face to face.

LT McDi said...

one of the better posts on this subject. Kudos Steves

JimmE said...

Full disclosure, I could not abide Mr L.
In my estimation he was a hypocrite and the worst of everything that a carrier politician represents.
For me, only Muldoon, Clive Wells, Ralph Klien & our present PM out pace him in this category.

But I was saddened by JL's death.
But this; whatever it is around his death offends me, but I was offended by CB's column to my bones. When I calmed down I re-read her column & did not disagree with her PoV; but her insensitivity - wow!
Here is the thing you missed; the disconnect.
CB has made her livelihood on the backs of those who have suffered. She puts potatoes in her pantry by telling one and all how much pathos we should feel for families of the dead. However; the story of one who finally actually achieved something tangible in life (even if this achievement is 9 years of our present PM rule) how he overcame a disease only to be cut down by it - & the great printer of pathos has none for Mr L's grieving family?
Is it me or does the hypocrite-O-meter not jump to 11?

Anonymous said...

Jack's death has, among other things, served as a kind of larger social sorting event, separating those among us who have class, from those who are bereft of it. You have definitely shown yourself to be of the former.

Mark Dowling said...

"Most people have an internal mechanism which would prevent penning that piece"

Blatchford had an external mechanism that failed - her editor.