Tuesday, October 04, 2011

New Poll

Quite a shocking poll from Ipsos, another double digit lead and pronouncements that it's a Liberal victory, just a matter of seat formation. Lots of caution still, nobody should be complacent because ground games matter, but one fact is now IRREFUTABLE:

They more they see, the less they like...


Steve V said...

Abacus out as well, although I put slightly less stock given they don't have much of a track record:

37 OLP. 34 CPC, 24 NDP

Their last poll was 37-33 for CPC (h/t Scott Tribe) so it's the same kind of swing, same late break to Liberals. Everyone capturing movement.

sharonapple88 said...

Amazing. From a double-digits lead to now trailing potentially by double-digits.

And yes, Hudak shares a lot of the blame for this. The "foreign workers" attack. The homophobic flyers. The truly stupid chain-gang idea. He may not be, but he acted exactly like the stereotype people have of the knuckle-dragging Conservative. Dud indeed.

Tof KW said...

This election seems to be going as I hoped. Ms Witmer, my local MPP, should win her riding and fly the flag as one of the last Bill Davis Tories left in Queens Park. And Tim Hudak is going down in flames.

The city of Waterloo is hardly a conservative place, and her win would be due to her personal popularity and years of good work serving the riding ...not from any love of Tim Hudak or his xenophobic/homophobic neanderthal buddies that have turned the former big blue machine into a joke.

Looking forward to watching the knives come out after Hudak pisses away a double-digit lead, and personally hands McSquishy a third term as premier. He'll finally get a taste of what he helped do to John Tory.

Oh, my fearless forecast:
Lib - 56
PC - 30
NDP - 21
...provided Hudak doesn't get desperate on the last day and do something even more stupid, then I'll revise my numbers by making the NDP the official opp.