Monday, February 27, 2012

"They're All The Same"

I think you can make a convincing case that Toews personal life in this instance was relevant, given assertions he was making, the record contradicted the disingenuous optics. That said, the whole Vikileaks account was bad form, despite an early follow, I declined to reciprocate, it was irrelevant to the matter at hand and above all it was entirely mean spirited. My instant instinct- which I shared with a couple of people- was that the formal nature of the accounting reeked of professional research and I "bet" it was an opposition party. Sadly, now that the dust settles it turns out it was a Liberal staffer in our research department, which meansour donations were effectively fueling this person's activities, it was done on our time so to speak.

There are some real important lessons learned here, the particular timing sadly perfect in terms of clarity. Here we are, on a day when Parliament returns with a maelstrom circling, and one Liberal has managed to distract attention, throw ourselves into the unseemly soup, rather than Conservatives drowning, a certain shame from our quarter and a general sense that we're all the same. A caveat, by NO means am I elevating this to the level of "robocalls", only an acknowledgement that it's a bit hard to take the high road when you yourself are on the defensive. This day took a shocking turn, and in so doing, took some heat off where it should be and left us scrambling, unnecessarily.

Again, I don't like hard and fast rules, Toews personal life was relevant because of his assertions, like any public account, I feel there is an obligation to assert discrepancies, personal or not. I'd also add I don't feel that is some tortured "rationalization", due to political bent, that conveniently cheapens a legitimate argument. However, the idea that some person in our research bureau was spending his day pumping out sordid details- in reaction to an issue completely detached from the subject matter- it was low brow, it was dirty and it should never be sanctioned by a party or its subordinates.

What we have to realize here, the public doesn't go over all the nuance, that is the realm of the small geekdom class, who forever have trouble realizing the difference. Today, I'm sure many a casual observer is saying "oh, they're all the same", the two matters melt into a indictment of our political masters, we are all sullied. And, this stark reality is why it is very hard for any political party to claim true moral high ground, they are constantly met with hypocritical instance and selective outrages. Today, only adds to the confusion, and unfortunately a mountain meets a molehill and you're left with a murky picture.

I suspect Liberal staffer is a one day affair, this "robocall" issue simply dwarfs in so many ways, fundamentally the two issues aren't even in the same conversation, obviously. However, the real lesson here is, tonight, right now, a lot of people can't tell the difference.


Rotterdam said...

Nixonian culture in Liberal party.
This is no different to what Liddy did to Daniel Ellsberg.
I am old enough to remember.

Gene Rayburn said...

Rotterdam is spamming his "comment again"

Pretty much the identical comment everywhere. Nice to see him attempt to push the talking points.

Steve V said...

Robo comments, perfect!

Gloria said...

I could care less about Toews stupid divorce. If he calls us pedophiles, what in the hell is he?

I absolutely despise is dictatorship. That's exactly what Harper is...from his Northern Foundation Party in 1989.

When other country's media writes, how badly Harper is destroying Democracy in Canada. How our Civil Rights and Liberties, are taken away from us. Now the s.o.b. wants to take our Freedom of Speech away too?

Harper is giving Canada to China on a silver platter. Bringing their own people to work, in their vast tar sands projects. Bringing their own people to work our BC mines. Harper is permitting China to buy out the tar sands and the BC mines, and taking our jobs too? This is where people, really need to start yelling.

Remember Fadden of CSIS warning of China's encroaching into Canada. Our worst nightmares are coming true. China owns a huge chunk of Canada, and this is Harper and Gordon Campbell's doings.

A Eliz. said...

Gloria, you are so Correct on Harper, mentioning The Northern foundation that Harper founded and it was full of Nazis It was in Trevor Hsrrison's book, Passionate Intensity...a very interesting read that people should know about.

PDO said...

@ Rotterdam

Adam Carroll burglarized Vic Toews psychiatrist's office to steal private, privileged information? I don't think so.

sharonapple88 said...

One big difference between the two situations was that no one had to break into a psychiatrist's office to get the information. Toews's divorce was public information.

Not that this makes Vikileakes right. I'm not sure what the people behind it thought they'd accomplish.

sharonapple88 said...

Sorry wrong link. Here's the one about the divorce being public knowledge.

Gene Rayburn said...

Seems old Vic wants to start hurling out accusations again

Doesn't anyone at CPC HQ know where the Toews muzzle is? The man just can't wait to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

sharonapple88 said...

Scheer did not respond to the request, but Toews said he would be pressing ahead with the bill.

“Various allegations about my private life, but also made specific threats, all of which was clearly stated to be in reaction to my sponsorship of proposed legislation tabled in this House, namely bill C-30,” he said.

“I will continue to do my duties and carry out my responsibilities in respect of this piece of legislation.”

Toews is pressing ahead with the bill? This has the potential to do more damage to the party than the vote rigging scheme. Come on, as Goodale pointed out, you can't decry privacy with regards to census and then go forward with Bill C-30.

liberal supporter said...

Rotterdam is being willfully obtuse, pretending to be unable to distinguish between some Liberal staffer being politically incorrect, and electoral fraud.

Steve V, Canadians are not stupid. They see vikileaks as business as usual political nonsense. Stealing an election is entirely another matter. If I was a CPC supporter, I would see Rae coming forward at this precise time about vikileaks as setting a trap, hoping idiots like Rotterdam would try to draw equivalences between political incorrectness and electoral fraud. Just cementing in Canadian's minds, the utter contempt the CPC has for Canada and its democracy.

Canadians know the difference between vikileaks and votergate.
One is a firing offence. The other is a criminal offence, tantamount to treason. Get it Rotterdam?

Carmichael said...

liberal supporter said "Canadians are not stupid."

Evidence please.

Last time I checked polls still say the country is going in the right direction and Harper is the #1 choice for PM.

So if you're going to claim that Canadians aren't stupid you have to have evidence that contradicts that.

I would like to live long enough to piss on Harper's grave.

Steve V said...

Voting turnout?

Hardly an overwhelming endorsement from the populus, let's keep it in perspective.

Carmichael said...

Inactivity as evidence of intelligence is perhaps a bit of a categorical stretch but whatever floats your boat.