Monday, August 20, 2012

I Fear Enbridge

I'm not worried about eco terrorism, as much as I'm worried about companies that actively try to DECEIVE the public:

Enbridge fantasy world:

A place called EARTH:

How can anyone believe one word of assurances from these people when they can't even show the slightest honesty in their portrayal?  I fear Enbridge.


Jerry Prager said...

their picture is taken after global warming flooded the area

Steve V said...

Interesting video, particularly the nine minute mark where Enbridge makes oil spills disappear!

The Mound of Sound said...

Steve, here on the coast more people by the day are going into a slow burn over this. Ordinary, law-abiding British Columbians, some in their 20s some well into their 70s and all manner of others in between, are girding themselves to do what they've never done before - to stand up and stop this. The resolve is building with each revelation of what this pipeline means and with each machination of Ottawa, Alberta, China and Enbridge.
We're ready to go to jail for this.

Jerry Prager said...

Let's not forget Harper's special relationship with Enbridge's executives