Tuesday, June 18, 2013

PMO Hands Trudeau A Gift

Chalk me up as amongst the majority of Canadians who will yawn at the Trudeau charity "controversy".  About the only reinforcing fallout within this affair, Justin Trudeau isn't like other MP's, which is already well established within the Canadian psyche; as a matter of fact that is partially WHY people actually pay to listen to him.   Couple the "star factor" with the fact Trudeau does plenty of free charity work, I declare a manufactured outrage story that will fade into nothingness, with no impact whatsoever.

However, those over zealous PMO staffers are at it again, and in so doing have put the focus back on the "priorities" of the Harper government:
The Prime Minister’s office has sent information to The Barrie Advance regarding a money-losing speech Liberal leader Justin Trudeau made in Barrie in 2007. 
On Monday, PMO communications officer Erica Meekes sent The Advance details of an engagement that netted Trudeau a $10,000 fee, but left Georgian College with a $4,118 shortfall. The information was sent via email with the caveat it be referred to as coming from a “source,” not the PMO, when used.
There seems a strange obsession with all things third party leader in the PMO and Conservative Party.  Perhaps a full circle moment, as we all recall the attack ad that featured Trudeau RAISING MONEY for a good cause.   What this latest attempt to manipulate the news reveals, the PMO seems to have plenty of time on its hands, pouring over Trudeau materials, rather than growing the Canadian economy and whatnot.

Interestingly, I just saw a quick morning news show segment completely mocking the PMO for their messed up priorities, part of an unfortunate pattern, that ends up saying more about the messenger than the message.   The fact the event in question occurred prior to Trudeau even becoming a MP, all the more delicious in terms of triviality, pettiness and misguided focus.  In other words, you've blown it PMO, this Trudeau "story" is now lost in the partisan nastiness realm, a guaranteed tune out with the public, with the added bad taste left on your brand.

Enjoy, I'm sure today the PMO is back to "focusing on the economy like a laser beam", right after they pour over all their internal polls that show Trudeau is potentially poised to kick their sorry asses.  The attention towards Trudeau is telling indeed.... 


Christy said...

They just keep trying and trying, don't they? I definately think this is backfiring on the CPC, particularily now that newspapers have come out saying they were given information direct from the PMOs office about this. I guess they do this as a way of throwing red meat at their base. Those who already hate Trudeau can have something to scream about.

weeble said...

Its almost as if the PMO has gone rogue. But I believe that they have been operating in this manner for some time now, they have just been allowed to get away with it. Kudos to the Barrie newspaper for outing and maybe now we will see things as they really are.
They are desperate for dirt on JT and when they call out accepting money from charities as bad form, they really need to look closer to home as I bet they will find that its not as uncommon as they think. They have opened this box, be interesting to see how this plays out.
It has been a glorious 3 months watching the Harper Government implode...long may it continue.