Thursday, March 30, 2006

Body Bags Will Promote Canada

CTV did a story on the Harper government's new initiative to inform Americans that yes, Canada is an ally in the "war on terra". The Conservatives are spending 18 thousand dollars on a marketing campaign that places ads at strategic subway stations in America, educating people about Canada's role. Apparently, Americans have no idea that we are now the vanguard in Afghanistan, not to mention all the bi-lateral security arrangements. A small pitance to promote Canada, wouldn't you agree?

I would argue that the Conservatives are wasting money because we have an even more powerful tool at our disposal- dead soldiers. Nothing grabs headlines and brings awareness like caskets. Take yesterday for example, now that is priceless free advertising. Look at all the p u b l i c i t y from just one death. If all the predictions of a very active insurgency this summer prove true, Canada can look forward to continued coverage across the world. So my advice to Stephen Harper's propaganda campaign, don't worry the world is beginning to see that we are engaged in the war on terror. Give the 18 grand to the soldier's family instead, at least it might do some good.


Apparently, there is some misunderstanding about the point of this post. Andrew at Bound by Gravity links here with this:
Some bloggers take sick glee in the suffering of others: this article is particularly tasteless

I am not taking glee in suffering, but I do take offense at our government wasting time and resources to educate Americans. With our new role in Afghanistan, and a media pre-occupied with violence, Canada's role will become known through death- that is just a plain fact. What is really tasteless is the Harper government's need to promote our "suffering" to score political points with the Americans. I apologize if my post was hyper snarky and in turn belittled the death of someone.So there is no confusion, I supported the mission in Afghanistan and have great respect for our servicepeople.


jacobin said...

"marketing campaign that places ads at strategic subway stations in America, educating people about Canada's role"

yeah like the average american gives a flying f#ck about canada, besides bush's approval ratings are in the low 30's because of the war in iraq, bin laden still on the loose, afghanistan taliban getting stronger and the whole 9/11 fraud

do you know how much 18 thousand dollars on marketing gets you, about 10 billboards for a month and a few hundred posters, woo big spender!

Anonymous said...

What on earth is Harper and his goons doing to Canada?

ferrethouse said...

bush's approval ratings are in the low 30's because of the war in iraq, bin laden still on the loose, afghanistan taliban getting stronger and the whole 9/11 fraud

All three make you happy don't they!

But you are probably happy that we didn't put our troops in harms way in Rwanda and Sudan. Screw the Africans - we don't want to risk a few Canadians lives for the sake of a million Africans!!! Thank God there weren't more people like you in the 30's or we'd all be speaking German.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should have an internet memorial to Canadian soldiers who die in Afghanistan. Hopefully, the list will be short.

Steve V said...


You will note, that my post made no reference to the legitimacy of our mission in Afghanistan, nor my support or non support. What I was addressing is the senseless initiative to sell our role to Americans. Your tirade is irrelevant to my point.

Candace said...

Steve, how do you feel about a national ID card? or softwood lumber? or BSE or any of the other trade issues we've been dealing with.

Spending $18k to promote Canada's role in the world via Afghanistan, to show that we are not a bunch of handwringing pantywaists, is not a bad investment. Those posters are up in areas that Senators & Congressmen (or their staff) will see them.

The government is trying to repair a badly damaged relationship with our largest trading partner, and you come up with this incredibly tacky post as a result? Give your head a shake, once you pull it out of the sand.

Steve V said...


You imply that our "badly damaged" relationship with the Americans is our doing. I suggest a poll of world leaders to see how they answer the following "does the Bush administration play well with others?".

Its not the 18 grand that is the issue, its the waste of energy trying to sell Americans on our role. We don't need to worry about appearances, the facts will speak for themselves.

And, if you think Harper's ass kissing campaign will stop ID cards, then you are delusional. Bush does what Bush wants to do. Period.

DazzlinDino said...

Candace is right, think about it.

With the current Bush approval rate in the US, any attempt to bring awareness to Canada may in fact hook Americans up to looking at what has happened to the north of them, and bring attention to the areas Candace suggested. It may in fact make them rub their hands in glee, as it will add more "ammo" to their arguements for getting rid of Bush. They can then say "See, he is even ripping off those nice Canadians".

Don't forget, any press is good press.

BlueBerry Pick'n is ThisCanadian said...

I think you have something there.

I think Harper is definitely 'toeing the line' for the KreepyKhristianKorruption that is the Republican Senate majority & Administration...

The question for me?

What administration groups are located at those specific subway stops?

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