Saturday, March 25, 2006

What Was Stronach Thinking?

The Sheila Copps tribute was billed as a peace-making event for the Liberal Party. All the potential leadership hopefuls were there to work the room and take advantage of this high profile meeting. It is absolutely staggering to learn that Belinda Stronach decided her time was better spent at the Habs/Leafs game, than it was at this important event. What was Stronach thinking?

As many pundits have noted, what Stronach lacks on substance she more than makes up for in her ability to "steal a room". What a golden opportunity missed, not to mention the bad taste left from her absence. How many Liberals did she alienate by snubbing an event meant to celebrate a high profile woman? For Liberals, the King Edward Hotel was the center of the universe, not attending amounts to a self-inflicted blunder. Stronach comes off detached, disinterested and gives the appearance that she needs to get her priorities straight. Did she attend the hockey game to demonstrate to everybody how bad her French is?

I am not a fan of Stronach. I think she would be a disasterous choice for the Liberals, so from my perspective anything she does to torpedo her chances is a positive. However, attending this event is politics 101, a complete no-brainer- especially for someone "new" to the party. Huh?


lefty said...

"What was Stronach thinking?"

Is that an oxymoron??

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