Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Klein Resignation Timing A Question of Closet Space

King Ralph:
The premier has said he plans to retire from politics in about a year. This has left some party members grumbling that Klein is well past his best-before date and that he should step aside sooner.

But Klein says he needs several months to archive the many things he's collected over the years and doesn't want to be rushed out of office.

"I haven't even talked to an archivist yet,'' said the premier. "I know that Premier Harris of Ontario ... it took him nine months to wind his office down.''

"I'd hate to be defeated and try to deal with all the good stuff I get,'' he said. "I have to look after the condo, all the clothes I have here, the furniture. We have to find out where I'm going to put all this stuff.''

The people of Alberta are well served by a man who clearly has his priorities in order. Such are the perks in a one-party state, drowning in revenues.

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Thanks for the laugh!