Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Paul Martin Still PM?

I was watching CTV's news coverage, and they had a fascinating video clip of White House Press Secretary Scott McLellan at today's briefing. When asked about the upcoming Cancun Summit, involving Canada, the United States and Mexico, McLellan made mention of the Canadian Prime Minister. Apparently, the American administration didn't get the memo about Canada's election, McLellan twice referred to "Prime Minister Martin" attending Cancun. McLellan also referred to the "one Canadian" hostage released in Iraq- one, two, whatever, lets not split hairs.

McLellan's ignorance is particularly striking, given our new Prime Minister's fascination with all things Bush administration. How embarrassing to have a Canadian Prime Minister so enthralled with an administration that isn't aware he actually exists. McLellan's gaff was probably just a slip of the tongue, but it also reveals how Canada is largely an irrelevant player in the American lexicon. Anyways, I really hope Martin takes Bush to task over softwood lumber and the passport controversy.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Mercer's Jean Poutine "talking to Americans" skit :)