Monday, May 22, 2006

Tories Cooked The Books

This isn't really news, but it's nice to get some honest press:
The federal government's recent budget chopped personal taxes by about half as much as was advertised and actually lowered take-home pay for many Canadians, a new report by a leading economist says.

Dale Orr, chief economist at Global Insight (Canada) and the report's author, said the government's claims aren't accurate if you compare the budget's cuts against tax rates now in effect. Instead, the government compared the new post-budget tax levels to those from the most recent legislation, which don't include the cuts made by the Liberals late last year.

But the new report on the government's budget claims is important for two reasons: The Harper government prides itself on putting more money into taxpayers' pockets, and the Tories have spoken frequently about the importance of running a more open, honest government. Accountability was one of the government's five top priorities.

Apparently, dishonest propaganda is the real top priority of this government.


HearHere said...

The last minute - one week before the election call- little Goodale mini budget that proposed lowering one of the tax rates from 16% to 15% was never taken to Parliament and never ratified. It should have been treated as a Liberal election promise.
The 16% rate is still the law. You will have noticed that the rate was 16% in the 2005 tax packages that were sent out. Then, as part of the election campaign and totally without any ratificztion by parliament the Liberals enacted the 15% rate and spent $350,000 sending out a notice to taxpayers and accountants etc. enacting this rate.

Now the Conservatives are lowering the existing 16% to 15.25% for the final 6 months of this year and then to 15.5% from then on and adding a $1000 employment deduction.

But now because of this totally illegal tactic by the Liberals to enact an election promise against the wishes of parliament and unbudgeted for even in their other TWO 2005 budgets they can actually scream and holler that Harper is RAISING taxes. It is politics - dirty slimey dishonest politics but all the same - you bought it.

Anonymous said...

well was it enacted, or wasn't it? was the government still in power?

my taxes were done last year (april 2006) at the lower liberal rate.

more facts please.

let me know if i should start budgeting to pay my windfall back ;)