Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dion Wins

I might eat these words, but it seems unlikely. Rae's supporters are moving to both camps, but Dion has the momentum and I don't see any scenario where Ignatieff grows enough to overtake Dion. Kennedy delivered beyond wildest expectations. Did anyone think Dion could actually move to first on the third ballot? One word, unstoppable.

I have been critical of Dion, but it really boiled down to my own mental math on who can win the country. I have no problem rallying behind Stephane, the big picture demands it. Congratulations to Dion and all his passionate supporters!


knb said...

I don't think you'll be eating your words Steve.

I agree, we all have to rally behind him. Chretien depicted what we're up against well and it's time to say buh-bye Steve.

"Do not adjust your set..."

cdntarheel said...

Hi Steve,

As I mentioned before, I thought it would come down to Dion and Iggy. Both Rae and Iggy polarized the delegates enough to make room for someone to come up the middle. The Kennedy-Dion agmt made the convention and changed the tide of the entire race. Thrilling to watch !!

Although Iggy was my horse in this race, I can get behind Dion too. On y va, mon ami.

Side question: Assuming the Libs win the next election and that leadership candidates may receive some minister positions, who do you think will go where? For example, could Iggy become foreign affairs min? Just curious about your thoughts.

Steve V said...

I think Ignatieff would be a great Minister of Foreign Affairs. People can say what they want about some controversial ideas, but there is no questioning his broad expertise. Ignatieff would be an asset for Canada on the world stage.

Lept said...

A sad day if you've been watching reactions in Québec or even seen the lead article in 'Le Presse':
C'est fini.»
Phrase catégorique s'il en est une, mais cette réaction d'un militant libéral de Chicoutimi à l'annonce de la victoire de Stéphane Dion illustre l'ampleur du malaise que ce choix suscite au sein de la majorité des militants libéraux québécois.'

Lept said...

oh and:
'D’ailleurs, dans les couloirs du Palais des congrès, les conservateurs et les bloquistes présents comme observateurs souriaient à l’idée d’affronter Stéphane Dion lors de la prochaine élection, surtout au Québec.'
'Le Devoir'.

Steve V said...


I heard one of the top Quebec organizers left the convention saying this choice made the job harder for Liberals. Strange reaction, considering we elected a francophone.

One interesting development that never happened. People speculated that alot of Dion's Quebec support might leave after the first ballot and go to Ignatieff (Chantal Hebert comes to mind). Obviously that didnt happen.