Thursday, January 08, 2009

Find The Contradiction

In the span of one minute, Harper's sedate mouthpiece Kory Teneycke offered a glaring contradiction, when asked why the government hasn't spoken with the opposition recently, to cobble together a budget.

"I anticipate their will be opportunities to discuss prior to the budget. But, there's nothing to stop the opposition, from simply coming out in public as well, and putting their suggestions for the budget on the public record. That would be another effective way of getting their input into the budget also"

It's an absurd idea really, the prospects of parties negotiating publicly. It's such a silly concept, that Kory actually acknowledged that, answering the followup question:
Susan Bonner

"There is an economic crisis, don't you have to talk to each other and work something out?"

Kory Teneycke

"There is the potential to have conversations, as I've already stated. But, I would say that going into the details of all those discussions on television, on programs such as yours, is probably not the most productive way of handling those."

So, is the official government postion that it's counter-productive to discuss details of the budget in public, but the opposition should release details for the budget in public as a means of discussion? Alright then.


Frankly Canadian said...

I saw that this afternoon and thought, how typical of the Conservatives to talk from both sides of thier mouths. I think even Susan was confused by the mixed message. Anyways I was left with a how typical feeling and I doubt we will see anything different from Steven Harper, (A.K.A. Scandalous Hairbrained Harper) when parliment resumes.

Steve V said...

I think Kory was trying to draw out the opposition, so they define themselves with specifics. The trouble, he was also trying to justify no dialogue. Susan did look confused, but I wish she called him on the contradiction. Most of the time, I find reporters don't want to push too hard, for fear of offending the guest.

Ted said...

Nice catch.

Do you have a link to some video? or text?

Steve V said...

It was on CBC Politics, the video is online.

Ted said...

Thanks. I've tried to find it but can't. Will try again some other time.