Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not The Best Visual

When a newspaper is posting an article, detailing the rationalization for Toronto calling in the army, to deal with excessive snowfall, it's probably best that the accompanying photo is representative of the "grave" situation. As it stands, this photo the Toronto Star chose, made me giggle:

Not sure if it's the bare roads, the buses running, the pedestrians easily navigating, or the Canadian forces fella with the "what the hell I am doing here" look, but it sort of feeds, what has become a national past time- the mockery I mean.

The Globe and Mail tries for a better representation:

At least the road is white, although the military vehicle is being passed by a brave minivan(must have had the good winter tires on).

Good fun.


A BCer in Toronto said... our streets!

We're not allowed to make this up...

ml johnstone said...

Refusing to contribute to the automobile insanity that plagues this planet,I notice that the sidewalks appear uncleared.

WesternGrit said...

What??? Again?