Monday, January 12, 2009

Good Idea Duff

How will CTV survive the "huge hole", that is Mike Duffy's departure? Apparently, two sitting MP's have applied for the job, along with a host of others. Duffy himself offers an interesting proposal:
Mr. Duffy, who spoke to The Hill Times last Tuesday, said he has no idea who the MPs seeking to replace him could be, however he noted that MPs "know the game" and that it might be interesting to have a politician take over where he left off.

"It would be kind of neat if you had somebody from each of the parties with their own show once a week, see their different takes on things. That's probably not practical but it would be novel."

I agree with Duffy's idea. In that way, we could have each party pushing their points of view, in rotating fashion, a clear upgrade over Duffy's show, which pushed one party's agenda everyday. Good idea Duff, what a "novel" concept, balance.


Anonymous said...

So we turn over the TV station to be political party propaganda instead of critical journalistic analysis?

I know Duffy was a Connie cheerleader but this kind of pushes it...

Steve V said...

No, it's a horrible idea, but the fact it would be an improvement, speaks volumes about the past show.

Stephen said...

In the fact, the truly "huge hole" was the hole blown in CTV's credibility while Mike Duffy was on the air.

RuralSandi said...

Hey, Joe the Plumber is getting experience by being a journalist?*?*? in Isreal.

It would be the same quality of right wing support as Duffy gave.

Gayle said...

I find it disturbing that any MP would actually apply for this job. I presume that person would also plan to resign his or her seat?

Not that a resignation would suddenly make that person impartial. I suppose if it were one of the independents, but even then I fail to see how this could possibly be appropriate. What were they thinking!?

knb said...

I'm with Gayle. As comical as this all is, if it's true that some MP's really applied for the job, I find that bizarre.

I know Moore has radio experience as does Arthur of course, but...really? (For the record, I'm not suggesting that Moore applied.)

I can't think of anyone at CTV who could really provide the balance the show has never had.

Richardson has been known to push back regardless of who he is speaking with, but I've also seen him take sides.

It'll be interesting.

Over at the BT's, they are suggesting right wing radio hosts, with a straight face I might add. I guess there is no longer any need for pretense as it relates to this show on CTV?

Steve V said...

Pierre Poilievre Live?

Gayle said...

KNB - they are not "right wing".

Don't you know that Adler and Rutherford are completely objective?

knb said...

Lol Gayle. Objectionable maybe?

Steve, Poillievre?! Yikes. Maybe he could co-host with Del Mastro? Petulant Partisans Present - On the Hill

Steve V said...

Del Mastro was a hoot today, per usual. He started going on about "don't get me started about all the Liberal failures", then in the next sentence he referenced Canada's relative fiscal health heading into the downturn, which just happens to be the greatest single legacy of the past Liberal government. What a tool.

Anonymous said...

Ok, can we all just relish for a moment that CTV describes the loss of Mike Duffy as a huge hole.

I've gotten so I can't watch CTV news, even locally. It really is like watching Fox being born in the US, which I unfortunately got to experience first-hand. So I'll take a smile where I can.

Antonio said...

Jean Lapierre wnt to this kind of a job, and he is absolutely fantastic at ti.

Hes a much better TV host than the Duffster, and most of the time he's attacking Liberals just as much as he is attacking others.

Then again, Lapierre says he is not a journalist but an "animator". Maybe CTV realized what they needed was um "animation"