Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where We Left Off

Interesting clip of the initial reaction to the fiscal update. Ignatieff's scrum, the demands. Mulclair, a gleem in his eye, as he immediately floats alternatives. Fast forward Flaherty, unless you've had recent trouble with insomnia:


knb said...

Nice find.

RuralSandi said...

CPAC has been running a "history" of the crisis and it's amazing how much detail of the event you forget.

Sory, but Mulcair gives me the creeps.

I found it funny actually to watch the Conservative caucus behind Flaherty as he was reading of his so-called update.

knb said...

Re' Mulcair, me too Sandi. Everyone seems to disagree with me though. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something there.

Anonymous said...

Personally, it just bugs me the way Mulclair locks eyes with the cameras when answering a reporter's question. It is like he has trained himself to do that to "connect" with the audience. But if you stare directly at someone as you speak to them, you move beyond "connecting" and start giving them the heebie jeebies ; ). Mulclair crosses that line.

I'm not even sure he blinks.

So it could be as simple as that. He needs to be a bit more natural, look at the person who asked the question at least once, give the viewing audience a break every few seconds.

On the broader subject, obviously the conservatives are throwing their all into this. I thin the trust issue does loom large. I find it bizarre that in all of this effort in the past 3 days, I have seen NO image of Harper. Practicing his performance non-stop, I imagine. He is about to come out and essentially say "Ignore absolutely everything I said less than 2 months ago, but I know what I'm doing now."

I just can't see him playing humble and chastised very well.

Personally, I hope it gets voted down, for the larger issue of trust. But if it does address the economic needs, that does make the decision tougher.

Steve V said...

I could actually see an effort to get Mulclair into the Liberal fold. Just pure speculation, but with Dion gone, the NDP are going absolutely nowhere in Quebec, Mulclair's seat not even a certainty. Given his true leanings, I wonder...