Friday, January 02, 2009

Still Waiting

It is curious, that nobody (and I've looked) has picked up on the CTV story, relating to Georganne Burke's behavior:

Also somewhat noteworthy, CTV chose to publish the story late on Christmas Eve of all times, with absolutely no follow up since. I know I have my bias here, but isn't this story of some importance? At the very least, it's the kind of juicy stuff the media generally craves. Why haven't we heard any statement's from Gary Goodyear, or his office? Has Burke been reprimanded, has anyone actually tried to contact her? Strange, and moreso with each day where nary a word is uttered.


knb said...

It's more than curious really and yes, I'll admit to bias vis a vis the CTV, but no one has acted on this. In fact, I think the Lib's should have done more, but maybe the season kept it toned down.

Questions should be asked as the holiday season ends though.

Quick question. You're not the first to mention Goodyear, but I must be missing something here. I thought she was an aide to Clement. Does she now work for Goodyear? Oh he of ultra partisan, filibustering committee, fame?

burlivespipe said...

Tie this also with what was said in the Bloc MP's riding, how those who know how to vote 'nudge-nudge, wink-wink' will receive their funding, and what you get is a Putin-style 'democracy' that serves only those who play ball. Certainly, if mainstream media has decided to hide this travesty then it requires that others step up and spread the word -- in foreign language papers, on blogs, etc.
People coming from far away places may have thought they escaped this kind of thuggery, but Harper actually is importing it...

Steve V said...

Goodyear is the Minister of State for Industry, she works for him directly.

I really hope this story returns, because if it doesn't, and Burke just soldiers on, that's plain wrong. This is a story of substance, but it has that underhanded flair that the media normally gobbles up. It concerns me too, that none of the media bloggers have made a mention.

knb said...

You're right. Somehow I thought Kady had picked it up, but I don't see it.

Well, we can keep raising it and the odd e-mail to 'whom it should concern', wouldn't go amiss either.

Burl, I'd forgotten about that business in Quebec. There is of course a long list of less than open and democratic practices employed by this government. Too many of them have received a pass for some reason. It's time to try and change that I'd say.

olaf said...


Also somewhat noteworthy, CTV chose to publish the story late on Christmas Eve of all times, with absolutely no follow up since.

Somewhat noteworthy? Try extremely noteworthy! Surely, its a big media conspiracy! Christmas Eve of all times!?! CTV is keeping it under their hat, knowing full well that no one who isn't a CPC minion works for or watches CTV! Why don't you come out and say whatever it is that you have to say, instead of being so coy?

Steve V said...



RuralSandi said...

Obviously, Olaf doesn't watch much of the CTV political stuff, or lack thereof of any follow up on stories.