Thursday, March 03, 2011


Have you noticed a recurring pattern? Whenever the Conservatives, or their friendly sympathizers, get cornered, rather than just take responsibility, we get nonsensical talk about bias. You see it with media coverage, here we see it with "in and out", this sense that the world is out to get the poor Conservatives. Worse, it then morphs into some noble pursuit, fighting against an unyielding current in the name of moral authority.

The courts are deciding, yes those LIBERAL courts of course. The same courts that have gone after the sponsorhip Liberals but why challenge a delusional paranoia. Face it people, you got caught with your hands in the cookie jar and Elections Canada have rightly slapped you down. You turned the dispute into a dangerous questioning of Election Canada's credibility, all in the name of protecting your ass. So, it was up to the courts to decide, and when they ruled in your favour, no problem TRUMPETING the decision. But now, now that we see more charges, the courts sending a clear rebute? Oh, now it's back to this underlying bias that hunts Conservatives. Please. Worse, how many minions are so quick to adopt.

I'm happy to see some in the media drawing the unthinkable link, at least in terms of outrage- a comparison to the sponsorship scandal. How can Harper let these people sit in Parliament with these charges sitting there? How can Harper and company try to minimize what is a very simple, intentional SCAM? Rather than blame EC bias, the courts, the media, whatever gets you through the day, why not blame all those Conservative CANDIDATES, their STAFFERS, because it is your own words that have betrayed your rationalizations. Forget about all the dark forces gathering, just fixate on the Conservative family omissions, and you have you objective answers.

Not only should Canadians be outraged at what the Conservatives have done, we should demand a reimbursement for the amount Elections Canada has been forced to waste trying to argue the sky is blue. The Conservatives have misused the process, misused the courts, mistreated a internationally applauded entity like Elections Canada, not to mention constantly derailed our political process with this endless "in and out" rehash. That we also have to endure the inability to take any responsibility, well... WEAK!


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a spot-on post, Steve. A little time away does make things clear, doesn't it?

Steve V said...

Thanks John :)

Tof KW said...

I agree, you hit the bulls-eye here Steve - and why this is my favourite Liblog.

Omar said...

It's gone beyond weak. It went beyond weak soon after these clowns were elected. It now is some sort of Twilight Zone surrealism. I can't take these people seriously any longer. I read on a Conservative blog earlier today how this morning's 'The Current' was a smear job against the party. The segment was three individuals profiled for their experiences running for the CPoC. This is a smear job? It's just gotten bizarre as far as I'm concerned.

Steve V said...

Thanks KW, much appreciated coming from you :)


It is bizarre. I also find it a bit enlightening, considering this is the same party that loves to take about honour, bravery, wrap themselves in the military and they react in the most cowardly ways imaginable.

Dame said...

The Conservatives have NO shame unable to feel anything what what humans call DECENCY.. FAIRNESS ... the backbone of Democracy

Tof KW said...

I said it before and I'll say it again, these clowns are nothing more than self-serving 5 year-olds.

On second thought I take that back, most children have a better sense of personal responsibility after being caught in a lie.

For these buffoons nothing bad is ever their fault, even in cases like this when it clearly is. Likewise all good they take credit for, even when it plainly is not.

I'm with Omar, it's beyond weak. It's at the point of wanting to throwing stuff at the TV when their lying faces come on.

WhigWag said...

Amazingly, even QMI has called a spade a spade, and called them out on this.

But wilson -- who's using her full name again (Sharon ...) now that QMI requires a FB login for comments -- is valiantly trying to say it's all EC not knowing how to apply the rules, and they're being stupid rules anyway, and alleging that they're letting Liberals abuse the rules on leadership donations... what a cultist.

Steve V said...

I think it says a lot about a person if they are STILL trying to defend the Cons here, rather than just admitting they went to far. Funniest thing about wilson, I banned her quite awhile back, but I've noted her whining about me on Con blogs here and there. What up, you poor delusional fool!! LOL.

Jerry Prager said...

Christian's who never apologize. aren't.
Harper gave this the nod, his will is done in the party as it is done in the PMO.
This was my favourite story on the this from 2008.

Tof KW said...

...about wilson, I banned her quite awhile back

Another reason this is the best liblog IMHO.

Steve V said...

It actually helps traffic, comments, if you let these people troll every post, but it becomes a distraction. It's not censorship, because free to spew where they want, but just my choice not to care to listen anymore. Sounds fair.


That will be their hallmark, never ONCE have they apologized for anything. It is truly amazing when you think about it.

Omar said...

OK, this is funny...I went back to the blog I mentioned earlier and the individual I mentioned who was implying The Current was a smear job this morning left this to my comment:

Sour grapes from X Conservatives with an axe to guy ran for the Liberal party after he lost.The other one has a book out.CBC is a free attack ad for Liberano$. Google ...Evidence of how Liberals & NDP engaged in their own In & Out funding efforts...its all there. Did you know the BLOCK invented the In & Out? They are the FATHERS of the system. The Coalition are dried up, face it.

Nuttier then a fruitcake I know, but the real hilarious part was when I did Google the line the first hit brought me right back to THIS post. You can't make this stuff up, I'm telling ya..

Steve V said...

Thanks! ;)

Kirk said...

I'm still waiting for any media report to state the obvious - that FORGED invoices were submitted to Elections Canada to claim rebates.

They dance around this all the time. The invoices are all missing an "i" etc. and the company Retail Media has said they never issued the invoices. This means they are forged invoices. But the media is much too subservient to actually say this about the Conservatives. They forged invoices and submitted them to EC. If some ordinary criminal was passing forged cheques there would be no hesitation to use the word "forgery".

I'd also like to hear someone mention that in the original trial that the Conservatives argued that EC had no right to question the invoices submitted to them in any way even to examine them to ensure they were for election expenses. That is how stupid the original decision was, the judge bought that argument. No surprise that it was overturned.

It's disgusting how fraud and forgery isn't enough to get the media to call a spade a spade, as it were.

WhigWag said...

@ Kirk - well, CBC were pretty clear about that live on Power & Politics the other day, and their Greg Weston came as close as he could* to saying it again here (*without getting fired again, as he was by QMI last year, for embarrassing the Cons by breaking the fake lake story).

Kirk said...

No offense, Whigwag, Power & Politics is just for political nerds and what's said there matters to no one as the partisans who watch that show aren't influenced by anything they hear.

On the first night The National twisted the story in to incomprehensible knots in order to avoid any suggestion that the Conservative might have done anything wrong. CTV's national news gave the story 2 sentences. They are terrified to report this story with the weight and accuracy it desires.

Kirk said...

Tonight's National says quote: "the party moved money between local and national offices to buy advertising" when describing the issue.

That isn't even a decent description of what happened. It completely leaves out that they moved the money into then immediately out of the local ridings. It never mentions that it was done, according to Elections Canada, to circumvent the national spending limits, which is a main point in the story. How Mansbridge choose to describe it is how the Conservatives describe it.

At the end of the story Peter says all parties move money around, again without any context and then Mansbridge makes the claim that it is the Opposition that says "the Conservatives illegally broke spending caps" when it is actually Elections Canada that says this is wrong and broke spending caps.

Mansbridge is determined to make this whole issue sound just how the Conservatives want it to sound, at worst a misunderstanding or just another partisan attack by the "opposition".

ridenrain said...

Gerry sums it up nicely.

Omar said...

Yes. It's all a conspiracy and they're out to get us.
Z Z Z z z z zzz..

Gene Rayburn said...

has ridofbrain ever said anything that wasnt either a talking point or an NP headline? Makes me wonder how long a human body can survive without a brain.

Guess he's a medical miracle.

Kirk said...

"Gerry sums it up nicely."

What a joke.

"Gerry" a Harper associate who also thinks he should be above the election laws claims "Elections Canada's attempts to impose free-speech stifling third-party advertising laws...".

Nonsense. Parliament writes the laws and the courts and justice system enforces them. The courts ruled against the National Citizens Coalition. The law as written by Parliament was enforced and this sad sack claims that somehow it's Elections Canada "stifling" free-speech.

"Gerry" claims it's all a vendetta against him but it is clearly his vendetta against Elections Canada that he displays.

After all honest people are always the prey of crooks like Nicholls and Harper.

Forged invoices to claim refunds from the taxpayer for expenses never incurred by 67 Conservative candidates are at the heart of this case. Fraud and forgery.

The scum that is the Conservative Party, their leadership and their supporters are destroying this country. Maybe Harper is right, it is no longer the "Government of Canada" but only the "Harper Government".