Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes, He DID

I think this comment by our "leader" speaks for itself:

NEVER misses an opportunity, wheels ALWAYS turning.

We can do so much better....


sassy said...

Yip, it's always about ME - ME - Me with that guy.

Fat Arse said...

For weak men such as he, any questions relating to the plight and misfortune of others are ALWAYS viewed as an opportunity to say, ... yeah, but what about ME and MY life. He's nothing but an ideological piss-ant - a poor, self-centered, insecure, PISS-ANT! And because of that all his "subjects" in the bogus regime he idealizes will suffer.

Steve V said...

Napoleon could slam dunk compared to this guy.

Marc Bernard said...

Brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it? What a sad, sad man.

Marpman said...

if the polls are to be believed, Canadian's love him....what will it take for people to wake up?

Scotian said...


That's Harper for you. I mean he could have chosen to use it for domestic advantage by making himself to look like the kind concerned caring leader people claim exists underneath the hard nosed fighter exterior whenever they pull out the fuzzy sweater sales approach, which is how most political leaders willing to use such a disaster for political gain would. Not our Harper though, no he does something that only hard core fanatics and zealots could admire, worse only a few days after the earthquake and tsunami and while there is still a serious ongoing nuclear disaster in progress that is already considered to be in the top three of all time before it has even stabilized.

I got home a short time ago and my wife tells me about this more than a little upset and I tell her she must have misunderstood/misheard something, not even Harper could be so callous (which coming from me with my well known harsh views of Harper is saying something all on its own I might note) to say something like this. Then I go online and what do I find but that she was exactly correct.

As I've always maintained, Harper is a political leader unlike anything we have ever seen before, a more damgerous, destructive and corrosive leader let alone PM than has ever been seen in this nation's history. This underscores yet again why I've argued for years that anyone is a significant improvement over Harper, be it Martin, Dion, Ignatief, even Layton (not that I believe the NDP has any chance of forming even a minority government, if it hasn't managed to make the breakthrough in the last couple of elections to at least 60-80+ seats let alone to near LOO required levels it isn't going to happen now) if only for the destructive aspects they won't be bringing to the job. Just the removal of the corrosion Harper represents both intentionally and simply by his nature (as this example illustrates) would be a significant and major improvement to the health of our nation and especially its core democratic institutions and systems, our social culture and especially our political environment.

This underscores also why I get really irritated whenever someone tries to argue Liberal Tory same old story, or that Ignatief would be little better than Harper. That is utter male bovine excremement on a scale of saying that a nuclear weapon detonation is like a balloon popping. I'll say it yet again, Harper is so profoundly worse for the health of this nation that to argue anyone else is even remotely as bad a choice or would be remotely as poor a choice for PM as Harper is to prove one is blinded by their own partisanship and/or old grudges. Dippers in particular need to recognize that in particular, and that once Harper is gone then they can go back to their old sniping about Libs, as it is they have already sold out their principles (what little they had left since they sold out their economic ones in the late 80s federally) by not stopping his rise and then enabling it to be seen as no worse than supposedly Liberal mismanagement over the first few years because it was more important to try and defeat the Liberals than it was to defend core democractic values and their supposed progressive ideals, as many in the actual progressive movement have noted since Layton choose to align with Harper to defeat Martin when they did at the expense of Kelowna, national child care and so on, when a few months would have made it far harder for a PM Harper to eliminate them.

Sorry Steve V, pushed my own buttons again, but Harper sying this just underscores yet again just how radically different and more dangerous/damaging he is than any other federal leader past and present. There was a reason I was so utterly opposed to his rise to power and have been such an unyelding foe of his ever since becoming PM, and it is NOT because I am a Liberal partisan, as I am not even close to that despite what many have tried to claim.

ij said...

@ Scotian: Hear, hear, esp. your comments on the NDP. I used to be a member until the day after the 2006 election when I cut up my membership card, sent it to Jack and told him he had given us Harper.
The slogan for the next election, the sooner, the better, should be ANYBODY BUT HARPER! DOWN WITH THE DICTATOR.

Niles said...

Not even the angle of Canada's own disaster preparedness.

Segued straight to the non-sequitur of his-ass-he-haz-one-on-the-line. Although if I squint and hold my breath for five minutes, I can totally see that his political agenda for Canada is totally equatable to a 9 richter scale earthquake.


Braaavo. Tsunami Steve.

sassy said...

Tsunami Steve

good one Niles

redgranite said...

What an asshole.

CK said...

Watch his poll numbers go up even further now...I think his little Japanese earthquake diatribe will work. Remember most of these Harpercon supporting, I don't wanna election, 'you outta be grateful to be in Canada' types would swallow that hook line and sinker and add this to when they're preaching to the leftie neighbour.

I've given up. I've mentioned this before Harper can throw a quadriplegic into on coming traffic and his poll numbers would still go up and if that quadriplegic were a liberal, the polling numbers would give Harper numbers of 60%++

thwap said...

What's almost as lame as harper's asinine comments are the Liberal zombies try to use it to score points against the NDP.

Scotian said...

You know thwap, I get very tired of having dippers simply write me off as a Liberal looking to score off the poor innocent NDP. It must be so easy for you in that certitude you carry about what people like myself must truly be better than we do ourselves. This is one of the things about dippers that has come to truly irk me about them, their inability to recognize reality. I am *NOT* a Liberal, never have been. I am though one of the majority of people in this country, a non-aligned centrist swing voter.

You and other dippers like you have claimed I am a Liberal for years now, based solely on your own prejudices even when I have repeatedly pointed out I am not, AND when you cannot find any post of mine that has been written to primarily cheer the Libs. No, my posts and comments have been almost totaly on the the issues with Harper, the need to stop him and what I think are the most effective ways, what makes him different from any prior federal party leader and such a uniquely dangerous man to the long term survival of this nation. But no, you know I must be a Liberal despite all that. I will freely admit I have been left with the Libs as just about my only serious voting choice, but that is because of actions taken by the leadership of two of the three parties I used to shift my vote between besides the Libs, the PCPC which is no more thanks to the traitor McKay, and the NDP which proved that principles are NOT its main concern under Layton unlike under prior leaders and that the leadership of the party was fine with that because they were more concerned with destroying their electoral competition the Libs than stopping the greatest threat to progressive and democractic values this nation has ever seen, PM Harper!!!

You go right on living in that fantasy world thwap, and keep on being Harper's best ally while you do so, because he has relied on the Dipper preference to join him in destroying the Liberal party and brand than in dealing him the beatdowns he should be getting from the self described principles first defenders of democracy NDP. Just because I have seen the Libs as the best chance to first keep Harper out of office (if Martin had retained even his minority Harper would not have survived in leadership, his position was shaky within his party by that point, something people have forgotten since he became the iron dictator PM) or since then to take power away from him since while the NDP loves to talk the talk electoral it have never been able to walk the walk even when it had the perfect storm against its primary electoral competitor, which should tell you all something, you aren't likely to ever form government anytime soon, which means if you really believe that your principles and democracy is the most important thing you should be taking every opportunity to weaken Harper and not the Libs, because the Libs for all their faults are nothing near as dangerous to your core values and democratic beliefs as Harper is!

Some of us voters pay attention to politics not because we are party partisans, or because we are part of some political movement or cause, but simply because we believe it is a civic duty to vote in an informed manner and so follow politics to be able to do so! I know we aren't the most common type of voter these days but we do still exist despite the efforts of some to drive us away with their hyperpartisanship and corruption of democratic values and institutions. Why do people like you find that so bloody hard to believe! You want to disagree with me go right ahead, but stop with the branding me falsely because it suits your prejudices/biases/agenda better, it makes you no better than a Harperite in my books.

thwap said...


Sorry guy, but I find it absolutely ridiculous that at a moment when harper says something so completely repulsive, your second instinct is to use it as an opportunity to trash the NDP.

You know, we all could have been united in our outrage against a guy who I HAVE ADMITTED is worse than the Liberals, whose party is worse than the Liberals.

You could have saved your antipathy for the NDP for another day, but instead, you decided to pollute things with the same tired, irrelevant bitching and carping about the NDP. That was YOUR decision.

And, let's not forget, it was Liberals from Trudeau to Chretien who centralized power inside the PMO so that harper's taking it to the next step wasn't all that great a step.

And it was Chretien's Liberals who perfected laughing their way through scandals and lying to the people ("We'll KILL the GST!") that harper has only elevated to a degree.

It's been the Liberal Party of Chretien and Paul Martin that so savaged public health care and used the EI fund to cover tax-cuts for the wealthy.

It was the Liberal Party of Paul Martin that helped overthrew Haiti's democratically elected president and helped install a regime of thieves and murderers and under Canada's adherence to the "responsibility to protect" Haitians are starving and suffering under unelected governments and sham elections.

harper is worse, but maybe that's just the leftist in me being blinded by my own political inclinations. Maybe, as in the USA, the "good cops" the Democrats of Obama and Clinton, are worse than the "bad cops" the Repugnicans under bush II.

At least with the bad cops, you know they don't like you and want you dead. Sometimes the good cops can fool you into making you think they're your friends and you give them more than you should have.