Saturday, December 08, 2007

Climate Change Rally

I attended the "Cool The Planet" rally in Guelph today, to coincide with the climate changes talks in Bali. A good turnout, here are a couple pics:

Federal Liberal candidate for Guelph, Frank Valeriote makes an appearance:


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty cold out.

Karen said...

Indeed it looks cold, but it also looks like a good turn out.

There are pretty impressive numbers of demonstrators around the world.

Does it make a difference? I suspect the politicians ignore it to a great extent, but it fuels the grassroots and gets those who previously were not involved paying attention.

Good on you Steve and thanks for the pic's.

Steve V said...

"Looks pretty cold out."

One of the dinosaurs is trying to be clever.

Anonymous said...

Better a dinosaur than an anarchist.

Steve V said...

"Does it make a difference?"

I just showed up to support the people who organized, and do alot of work locally. One good thing, the rally was right downtown, where all the city buses are stationed, so at the least it made some people think.

Steve V said...

"Better a dinosaur than an anarchist."

Yes, the entire rally started chanting Bakunin in verse, very exhilirating. Oh, you're an ignorant hoot aren't you? Somewhere there is a rock, waiting for you to crawl back.

Karen said... anarchist would be someone protesting against convention and law. Uh, that would be Baird, Harper and co. are doing.

Demonstrators are arguing to support convention and law.

Nice try, but more than ill informed.