Friday, March 07, 2008

You Do Pay A Price

For all those that think you can hide behind curtains, offer insane logic for not going to the polls, sit on your hands, and wait for the perfect storm to materalize, you need to understand actions do have consequences. Not only will you not curry favor with soft supporters, the undecided, expand your support, you will also alienate your core and begin to rot from the inside.


The Mound of Sound said...

Ithink you're right, Steve. The party is paying a dear price for its malingering, feckless behaviour. I've been around since Trudeau first got the leadership and I've never seen anthing remotely as dispiriting as what we've had over the past year.

Anonymous said...

The price we are paying is losing the 2006 election. We have not gained much since then, the 30 per cent represents a floor. The people we are dependent on now are core voters, who will vote Liberal come hell and high water. We are not attracting new voters.

The rot will be demonstrated if our fundraising numbers continue to be poor. Yes, we are raising more money than the NDP and the Greens. But as the Obama campaign shows, it is no longer who can give you a fat $1000 cheque. You need people to give you a $40 one and make sure they come again to provide you another forty dollar one next month. If that forty dollar cheque goes to the NDP and the Greens, you have lost a valuable supporter as election time rolls around. Only when the Grits understand this notion, instead of organizing "no-limit fundraising auctions" will we see a change in our political fortunes. We may still get a boost from the by-elections, but there has been little fundamental change in a party. The result has now led to continued disillusionment.

Ti-Guy said...

And so begins another cycle of hand-wringing.

Steve V said...

"And so begins another cycle of hand-wringing."

And notice the pattern, it is always preceded by weakness from the top. I know one way to get off the circular train.

Anonymous said...

"And notice the pattern, it is always preceded by weakness from the top."

Why is there weakness at the top? Because the party has a culture of entitlement in which someone who cuts a one thousand dollar cheque is more important than a blogger who writes a forty dollar one. Since the Grits aren't in power, access to the top becomes much easier and more power brokers enter the equation. Abstaining from an election now means power broker B loses to power broker A. Don't tell these power brokers they are weak, because they don't see the political game as we do. All we can do is enjoy the ride as the party plays these petty games, and possibly cheer or cry when certain power brokers fall flat on their faces.

Dame said...

RESIGN !!! tell Him To resign.!! He can't keep us together so resign...
Simple as is.


Anonymous said...

"RESIGN !!! tell Him To resign.!! He can't keep us together so resign..."

Boo hoo. Dion is being undermined by his grassroots one week before the by-elections. How can he function as leader when we are all questioning his moves?

Anonymous said...

Well, all this has certainly made me feel better about the Liberals. I mean, I always took it for granted that they were a bunch of corrupt weasels from top to bottom, only looking after themselves, and interested in politics purely as a way to get stuff. Now, I find out that, while the upper echelons of the party are just the way I thought, there are some grassroots elements, like Steve, or apply-liberally, who really care about the good of the country (even though I think they are wrong on many issues). Too bad those people are giving up on the Liberals.

Ti-Guy said...

who really care about the good of the country

Oh, God the Conservative shills and their shilling.

Ah well. I guess that's what you do when you have no ideas except "I'm alright Jack!" and "My taxes, my taxes!"

Anyway, we still have Cadscam.

Dame said...

Two Things what I cannot accept

Afghanistan ...the extension of timeline for Canadian military participation ...

And the passing Of Bill C.-484

This is not My Liberal Party !!! My Cup is Filled!!

Anonymous said...


It's not just disillusionment in the LPC.

The Reformers saw that under Stockwell Day and the NDP keeps electing a whole series of bad leaders.

I suggest you hang with them and work to change how it all functions.

During the Alberta election last week when Steady, (putting the "Ed" back in "Edmonton") Stelmack swept back into power with 53% of all votes cast against 4 reasonably legitimate contenders, there was a problem. Only 42% of the people voted. Where were the other 58%? What would have brought them out to the polls? What issues would have engaged them?

Answering those questions is vital to healthy democracy in Canada. For the LPC, its probably key to their future success.

Right now Dion's group seems to stand for a lot of poo slinging.