Friday, November 06, 2009

I Want More Duffy

Are people really upset about Duffy's lastest "incident"? There was a time when Duffy used to infuriate me to no end, when he was disguised as a journalist. I remember many of us clammoring for opposition MP's to refuse to appear on his show, his slant so obvious, to make any discussion pointless. I still contend that Duffy's last act cost the Liberals a handful of seats. I also recall many other people calling people "whiny" for pointing to his bias, it was all a manufactured criticism.

The best thing that has happened, was when Harper appointed Duffy to the Senate. It lifted the veil, it confirmed what are eyes already knew. But, even then, there was still a measure of an old Ottawa soldier being rewarded for a respected career. Of course, most of us didn't buy it, but there was still some cover for Duffy, he was called the "reluctant partisan".

Since he began his tenure in the Senate, Duffy has voluntarily destroyed his supposed reputation, becoming the most noticeable low grade HACK in the Senate. He has essentially validated every single criticism that was ever hurled towards him. What's more delicious, he's done this without prompting, he's become unglued with little provocation.

I don't get mad at Duffy anymore, I relish every appearance or comment. With each successive "incident", he reduces himself to a cartoon figure, so embarrassing his former colleagues now shake their heads at hyper partisan ramblings. No respect from former peers, no respect within the chamber, no reputation, except as a growing laughing stock.

I want more Mike Duffy. Thanks for reaffirming everything we always said about you, thanks for REVEALING yourself for all to see. You always were nothing more than a Conservative shill, and now the period on your "career" will forever leave a pungent SCENT. It's just perfect.


Jay said...

I avert all senses. Besides being full of shit and obviously so, he most definitely is not easy on the eyes either.

Hes one of the few homogeneously disgusting human beings out there. Most at least have one redeeming quality.

Not Duffy.

But who cares, he's just a value meal away from not bothering anyone again.

I just wanna see his expenses at some point.

Sean Cummings said...

Duffy kicks ass.

Steve V said...

Ya, he's a real feather in the Conservative cap these days. LMAO.

northwestern_lad said...

My anger came at the fact that he went off on one of the most decent and hard working MP's in the entire House of Commons.... if it was someone else, it probably would have been more likely to have slipped towards the humorous side.

ottlib said...

Holy cow Steve, Mike Duffy already has his own gravitational field and you want more of him?!

I do not think our planey, nay our solar system could handle more Duffy.

ottlib said...

For the love of cheesecake I double checked my post before publishing it and "planet" was spelled correctly.

I look at it here and it is spelled "planey".

What gives?

Steve V said...


I understand the reaction. But, the plus side is Duffy looks like a colossal oaf. If anything, Stoffer comes off looking classy. Did you see Lib MP Pearson's post?

Duffy is a liability, the more we see of him, the better.


I have no idea.

Steve V said...

Mark Richard Francis said...

"Duffy jumps shark"


He's the perfect face for Conservatives. White, older, fat. Obviously partisan and rude.

I agree with you Steve.

Yes. More, more!

We should start shipping him donuts.

northwestern_lad said...

I saw Pearson's post... It was really classy, but I guess that I would have been happier if there had never been a need for such a defense, you know?

RuralSandi said...

Sean Cummings said...
Duffy kicks ass.

..good grief, Duffy didn't even tell the truth. Paul Russo of AP said that the $128,000 expenses for Stoffer weren't travel expenses, they were office/staff expenses. So, Duffy either can't read or is a liar?

Ottlib - planey sounds about right. They're so far in never, neverland they gone right out of the planet into planey land.

Steve V said...

Martin called Duffy a "fake journalist" on the CBC. Said he basically was a Conservative, even when he had his show. Ouch.